A Sample ATP Subscriber Update

For those who are curious how we work at ATP for our Subscribers:

Every morning we update our general short term views on the SP 500 with a brief comment  based on our Market Trend Forecast service opinions

We then update any existing open positions with comments and or charts

During the week, we look for 2-3 swing trade positions to be open at any one time, with the max probably around 5.  We use 1/2 strength positions to start and then either add to those positions or take profits or set stops.

We may initiate 2-3 new trades a week. We offer Stock Only Trading or Stock and 3x ETF trading options which you can select based on your subscription options.

Typically we look for 7-12% swing gains and then take profits, and try to limit downside losses to 3-5%.

Most swing trades we hold either from 1-5 days, or in some cases for a few weeks depending on the set up and the fundamentals and catalysts.

We look for a combination of sentiment and trading patterns, reversals, consolidation pullbacks from prior gains to enter, or near term breakout patterns we get in front of.  We therefore review a combination of fundamentals, catalysts, and proprietary chart patterns to enter our positions with an alert to subscribers.

If you would like to consider joining us, please contact us at  info@activetradingpartners.com for details. 

Below is an actual Subscriber update posted on Dec 18th in pre-market trade:

ATP updates

Market: As we said late last week, a few days of post FOMC pullback is nothing to worry about right now. Sure enough, a pullback to 1414 from 1438 ensued while I was away, but by yesterday we were back on the 1430 area. 1434 on the SP 500 remains a key pivot resistance zone, then 1440-1448. We are bullish unless 1390 is taken out on the downside.


GNRC– 1/2 Long for ATP and our stop is advised at 31.90 because the pattern breaks there. Discipline is key when swing trading. You will leave money on the table all the time, but also try to limit losses as well and move on to the next set up. Our last 4 swings were profitable if you played them (ANR, FCX, NUGT, so far VVUS). Hold with 31.90 stop is how we see this one.

VVUS- 1/2 long from 11.50-12.00 ranges. Stock closed at 13.07 yesterday on a big one day pop on good Qysmia presription news. This is what we expected, and for sentiment to shift north. No stop at this time, profit taking is always an option on a nice run but we believe this can move higher yet. Our original projection was 14-16.

We are examining several swing trade potential positions and will alert as we come upon them for timing and entry

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