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Financial RSS feeds allow consumers who care about the economy to get important information quickly and easily.  It’s what drives prices, the cost of goods, and personal financial security.  Regardless of whether or not they’re personally invested, stock market conditions are a strong indicator of the country’s economic health.  Hence, an elevated interest in the happenings on Wall Street and in the stock market.  Stock feeds are, without question, the most popular of the financial RSS feed options.

The addition of a stock RSS feed can be a valuable addition to any website.  It captures the attention of readers, and the frequent updates serve as a constant reminder that your site is available to them.  Quality feed content can be easy to manage and provide value to visitors.  This content should not be restricted to just stock market updates.

Financial RSS feeds often include international updates.  For example, the Eurozone crisis.  Though not all clients are internationally invested, the implications of Europe’s debt can have a significant impact on the United States and its investors.  TheTechnicalTraders explores these different topics with our financial RSS feeds.  We provide background and global updates in all aspects of finance.

For existing financial websites, RSS syndication is an excellent way to add additional content without the time and expense of producing your own.  We guarantee accurate research that is backed by true financial experts.  Additionally, TheTechnicalTraders is dedicated solely to financial content.  This ensures our focus is on finance and the factors impacting it, instead of other topics.  We are, first and foremost, technical market analysts.

Financial RSS
Financial RSS

TheTechnicalTraders currently features a panel of 12 financial experts.  Each has a different style and history, but each has significant real-life trading experience.  Our experts are people that readers can identify with and trust.  Each provides a different view into the market and different trading options.  Through their analysis, each expert explains their opinion, the backing to prove it, as well as their opinion as to what the future might hold.

Financial content that is thought provoking increases a consumer’s desire for more information.  Often, feed subscribers begin with reading one feed.  The constant availability of up to date information and financial news adds an awareness of the marketplace and an eagerness to learn more.  We provide content to cater to every stage of the process.  From first time to experienced traders, our financial RSS options provide a quality and insight that attracts and retains readers.

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