Strategies for July Earnings Season

It’s July earning season and stock rotation time, do you have a plan? This period of time in the market always brings rotation from 2nd quarter leaders to new 3rd quarter leaders. The 4th of [...]

Russell 2000 Outlook is KEY- Chart

Lets take a look at the small cap ETF IWM (Russell 2000 […]

Gold and Silver Prices may be on the Rise Soon

Based on the Elliot Wave Theory and other indicators, t […]

Gold ETF’s Currently in Demand in China

China shows its continued support to the precious yellow metal by significantly investments in the bullion-backed ETFs. This is happening right now due to the increasing number of middle class citizens in the country and preference [...]

Explaining Gold Options

Gold options allow investors to buy or sell gold bullion at a future date (date of delivery) at a set price. The quantity of gold, date of delivery, and price are all preset. As the name implies, trading gold with options is merely an option, not a requirement, so investors are not obliged to either [...]

George W Bush Says Average Investors Need an Automated Trading System

He mentions that traders and investors need a level playing field to be successful and the only way to do this is with the use of an automated trading system. Learn More Here: Automated Trading Systems

Limitations of the Elliott Wave

A large number of investors rely on Elliott wave theory […]

Keys to Investor Success – Elliott Wave Theory

Elliott Wave Theory – Plenty of people will freel […]

AlgoTrades system is now available for automated investing

As you likely know I have been working on automating my long term SP500 investing strategy which I call AlgoTrades. I would like to mention that we are taking on new clients to our AlgoTrades automated investing system. We are very excited to tell you that the doors are currently open for you to become a [...]

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Feb 26th- Gold Due for Pullback Wave 2?

A pullback in Gold today to 1320’s from the 1348 high. […]

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