Protect Yourself with Gold, Oil & Index ETF’s In 2009 I shared my big picture analysis, investment forecast and strategy in a book called “NEW WORLD ORDER ECONMICS – What you can do to protect yourself”.  In January 2009 I forecasted that the Dow Jones Industrial Average was going to make a bottom within a couple months […]

Three Fear Resistant Commodities That Look Tasty – Jokingly

On Friday, March 6 the US jobs report hit the wires. Equities were trading higher in premarket, and the previous session we had seen strong selloff followed by an equally strong high-volume rally. No one was expecting the massive selloff that was about to hit the stock market when the good jobs numbers were posted. […]

Top Ten Gold Stocks for 2015 Massive Gains

I just issued a special WSW Power Investor report members only report outlining my top ten mining stocks for 2015 and beyond.  These are not mere short-term momentum plays, but stocks to take real investment positions in that are at cheap valuations, have good earnings growth prospects, and have fantastic entry points on their stock […]

Best Opportunities Outside of North America

Investors tend to focus on investment opportunities that are well known and also those which have been headline news for several months. This allows the investor to become familiar with main stream news which eventually leads to a comfort level that makes them want to get involved with what is hot or not. While there […]

Investors Are About To Having A COW!

The past year month has been flowing into risk on assets like US equities. And when money is flowing into one investment class there is typically an outflow in others. Commodities in general have been beaten up bad but there is some money to be made here using the livestock COW ETF. I is amazing […]

Money Will Rotate Into These Dead Investments

Seasoned investors understand that investments which are rocketing to new highs and all over the news will eventually fall out of favor and become a the poor performer, unwanted by market participants. So it only makes sense that the underperforming investments will some day come back to life and provide opportunity once again. I covered […]

Unique Investment I’m Personally Involved In

As you may or may not know I have a passion for flying planes. As a kid I built and flew dozens of R/C planes. The two most enjoyable aircrafts I flew were the F-15 Fighter Jet, the acrobatic Extra 300, and an amphibious plane called the LazyBee for water take offs and landings. In […]

How to Build Your Own Winning Trading Strategy

Chris Vermeulen shows you how to overcome the 4 major hurdles that trades get stuck on, and how you can build your own profitable trading strategy. Learn More About Automated Trading Strategies

His Secret To Day Trading Gold

It does not matter what your specialty is for trading is we all have our own little trading secrets to help use better time our trades. While many day traders focus on individual stocks like aapl, goog, tsla etc… I like to focus on day trading gold. Years ago I shared this little secret on […]