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07 Feb: Price Predictions – Precious Metals, Stock Market, Volatility, and Bitcoin

Our articles, Technical Trading Mastery book, and 3 Hour Trading Video Course are designed for both traders and investors to explore the tools and techniques that discretionary and algorithmic traders need to profit in today’s competitive markets. Created with the serious trader and investor in mind – whether beginner or professional – our approach will put you on the path to win. Understanding market structure,…


06 Feb: Three Trades For This Wild Market

It has been an emotional ride for most traders since stocks started to sell off last Friday in a big way. This crash we just experienced is VERY much like the Aug 2015 crash. Price and volatility both have parabolic price movements that could either make you a lot of money or lose a bundle depending on where your money was positioned….


04 Feb: Did The Stock Market Top Last Week? I think Not

We’re certain that many of you are asking yourself this question after seeing the markets rotate to the downside so hard recently.  If you had been reading our past analysis for the early portion of 2018, you would likely know the answer to this question. If not, this research article will assist in your understanding of the market’s rotation and what…


02 Feb: How to trade the markets next week

53 years experience in researching and trading makes analyzing the complex and ever-changing financial markets a natural process. We have a simple highly effective way to provide our customers with the most convenient, accurate, and clear market forecasts available today. Our stock and ETF trading alerts are readily available through our exclusive membership service via email and SMS text. Our newsletter, Technical Trading Mastery book, and  3 Hour…


01 Feb: Gold And Gold Miners Preparing for Big Move

Just a few days ago we alerted our members and followers to a massive setup in the Palladium market that had not been seen in years.  This chart formation provides an incredible opportunity for a trader to take advantage of and profit from the expected price decline.  We alerted our members and followers on January 24th of this move. As of…


01 Feb: How To Profit From Natural Gas Price Spike

A week ago we saw natural gas hit resistance and our cycle analysis also indicated the timing was about right for the price to start to fall. Here is what we saw and sent to our subscribers:  Fast forward a few days… the chart below shows you our updated technical analysis and prediction – Nat Gas Bottoming. Today we issued a…

30 Jan: Panic Selling On New York Exchange – Get Ready!

In this short conversation, we talk about Palladium and how it topped last week, and this metal has already dropped 5.5% in value since then. We also mentioned a few days ago when gold was testing key resistance that traders should expect a correction in gold and mining stocks. This week we already locked in a quick 11% profit with DUST inverse ETF for…


29 Jan: 20 Experts give their view on Gold

How sensible is it to invest in gold? There is no blanket answer to this frequently asked investor question. Much more depends on what you personally expect from an investment in gold. 10 experts give their blunt opinion about investing in Gold. They talk the pros and cons of buying gold, each from their own perspective. By Chris Vermeulen – Chris Vermeulen is the…


28 Jan: Metals and US Dollar Set To Rollover

We’ve been warning our members that this move was going to happen and it looks like it is just starting to initiate.  The US Dollar and Metals markets are about to rotate in dramatic form over the next few weeks – possibly months.  Right now, what we can tell you is that our cycle analysis and adaptive learning models are showing…


26 Jan: How To Profit From Double Top In Gold

Recently we called the top in gold, silver, miners, and palladium. This was based on several technical indicators including our cycle analysis. Below is a quick snapshot of how we and our members profited from the recent drop in precious metals.   Our articles, Technical Trading Mastery book, and 3 Hour Trading Video Course are designed for both traders and investors to explore the…