Hedge Funds Are Killing Gold

The price of gold has been kept down by hedge fund redemptions. These redemptions will end in a week and after that a nasty hand that has been holding the price of gold down will be lifted. As we begin this new year news is starting to trickle out demonstrating that hedge funds as a […]

Investor Gold Buying to Resume & Fed Doubling Their Balance Sheet AGAIN!

A leading precious metals consultancy, Thomson Reuters GFMS, has forecast that investors will buy record amounts of gold in the remainder of 2012. GFMS produces the benchmark supply and demand statistics for the gold market. GFMS forecasts that investors will purchase 973 tons of gold in the second half of 2012, more than during the […]

Arab Spring and Oil Prices

Crude oil prices hit a four-month high this week on the back of rising tensions in the Middle East and North Africa and the unfortunate murder of the U.S. ambassador to Libya. Added impetus on the upside was given to oil by the announcement of more money printing (QE3) by the Federal Reserve which said […]

Is the WEAT Correction Here?

Despite a good harvest, the exchange traded fund for wheat, Teucrium Wheat (NYSE: WEAT) has been rising due to the drought in the Midwest Farm belt of the United States and now the initiation of Quantiative Easing Two. The drought did the most damage to the corn crop.  But as the chart below shows, both […]

Will Oil Fall Again?

Due to Quantitative Easing 3, oil is now around $100 with United States Oil, (NYSE: USO), the exchange traded fund, up 16.47% for the quarter . This is what happened over the course of Quantitative Easing 2, which was announced in August 2010 by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke at the Jackson Hole economic policy […]

QE Forever Announced

What one analyst terms “Quantitative Easing Forever” was announced by the Federal Reserve today. For traders, expect the sugar high to recede as this is an admission that the United States economy is very, very weak. In addition to economic stimulus programs that will continue, a low interest rate environment will be maintained well into […]

Next Trade Setup For Monday & Tuesday

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Ride the iPhone 5 Wave with Sprint-Nextel

Up 2% today with the introduction of the iPhone 5 from Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), Sprint-Nextel(NYSE: S) has more than doubled for 2012. Of great importance is that Sprint-Nextel is now over the $5 mark, which makes the stock much more attractive for a variety of factors. It was only last October that Sprint-Nextel plunged due […]

Federal Reserve Open Market Committee Meeting to be a Non-Event

Commodity prices have risen in recent trading as speculators are banking on the Federal Reserve to announce more quantitative easing at the September 13 Federal Open Market Committee meeting. The exchange traded fund gold, SPDR Gold Shares (NYSE: GLD), and oil, United States Oil (NYSE:  USO), have both surged since early July.  This is noteworthy […]