Member’s Pocketed 5% on Natural Gas Bounce with Signature Candle & Volume Pattern

During the last couple weeks the SP500 index has been taking a beating leaving many traders left holding the bag at high prices. Fortunately, I cover several different investments so we when one is not giving us a trade, another one should be. Taking a look at the technical analyst trading charts below you will […]

Continuous Commodity Index Points to Rally in Gold & Silver

During the recent weeks we have seen commodities especially precious metals continue to drop in value. Market participant sentiment has become more bearish on commodities and couple that with a rising dollar it’s no wonder why we continue to see commodities as a whole fall in value. Money has been flowing out of bonds at […]

Tis the Season to Look At Gold & Oil Prices!

The two most popular investments a few years ago have been dormant and out of the spot light. But from looking at the price of both gold and oil charts their time to shine may be closer than one may thing. Seasonal charts allow us to look at what the average price for an investment […]

The Fiscal Pop-N-Drop for Equities – Look Out

Today’s gap higher in stocks has many investors feeling really good about but will this rally last? My to the point answer is “Yes” but there will be some bumps and navigating positions along the way. Looking at the charts below you will notice how stocks are trading up over 4% in two trading sessions […]

Lumber ETF Rising, Will Housing Rebound Last?

With housing on the rebound in the United States, the exchange traded fund for lumber, Guggenheim Lumber (NYSE: CUT) is also rising.  Jumping too is the exchange traded fund for oil, United States Oil (NYSE: USO).  As the chart below reveals, there is a strong correlation between the two exchange traded funds. According to one […]

Volume Falling for UNG as Price Continues Rising for DBA, CORN and SOYB due to Weather

The exchange traded funds for agriculture, PowerShares DB Agriculture (NYSEARCA: DBA), and natural gas, United States Natural Gas (NYSEARCA: UNG),  have both benefitted from the record heat and drought in the United States Due to the Midwest drought, the prices of Corn (NYSEARCA: CORN), soybeans (NYSEARCA: SOYB) and other crops have skyrocketed, leading to a […]

Corn & Corn ETF Signal A Correction Coming

Teucrium Corn, (NYSE: CORN), the exchange traded fund for corn continues to sizzle like the hot summer sun baking the Midwest farm region of the United States.  CORN is up 3.37% for the last week of market action.  For the month, it has risen by 22.66%.  The last quarter of market action has witnessed a […]