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Hey everyone, I have had a few emails asking about our silver position and why we are not moving our protective stops and taking more profits similar to how we are trading Natural Gas. These are great questions and here are my thoughts: Depending on your outlook and trading/investing type you will either be looking [...]

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Gold Market Traders: Metals And Stock Market will Swap Trends – Part II

The two trend reversals everyone has been waiting a year for are about to take place, but they have not yet started. While I do think 2014 is the year we see gold, silver, miners and many other commodities rally, it is important to follow the trend and wait for a reversal to form before [...]

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Gold Market Traders: Metals And Stock Market will Swap Trends – Part II

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Using Options to Capitalize on Strong Fundamentals for Gold

My trading partner JW and I had a great talk the other day which spurred to the creation of this interesting and educational gold futures trading article we wanted to share with you. Throughout most of 2013, gold futures have been under major selling pressure. Gold opened the year trading around $1,675 per ounce. As [...]

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Precious Metals: Gold, Silver and Miners Are Trapped

The precious metal market has been stuck in a strong down trend since 2012. But the recent chart, volume and technical analysis is starting to show some signs that a bottom may have already taken place. This report focused on the weekly and monthly charts which allow us to see the bigger picture of where [...]

Continuous Commodity Index Points to Rally in Gold & Silver

During the recent weeks we have seen commodities especially precious metals continue to drop in value. Market participant sentiment has become more bearish on commodities and couple that with a rising dollar it’s no wonder why we continue to see commodities as a whole fall in value. Money has been flowing out of bonds at [...]

Technical Analyst Video Analysis – Metals, Oil, Bonds, SP500

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Tis the Season to Look At Gold & Oil Prices!

The two most popular investments a few years ago have been dormant and out of the spot light. But from looking at the price of both gold and oil charts their time to shine may be closer than one may thing. Seasonal charts allow us to look at what the average price for an investment [...]

Oil Setup, Gold About To Bottom & SP500 Showing Weakness…

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Chris Vermeulen Tells You How To Become a Full Time Trader – Interview by:

By Futures Portal Chris Vermeulen a full time trader shares his experience of trading futures and ETFs. ——————————————————– You call yourself the “Gold and Oil Guy”, are the gold and oil sectors are your specialties? I follow gold and oil closely and give my analysis, thoughts and trades ideas to my followers each morning [...]

Live Video Analysis on Gold, Silver, Oil & SP500 – Trade Setups

Today could the be start of another leg lower in precious metals. Gold and silver are both down 2.5%. The bearish pattern on the daily chart which I have been talking about for some time looks to be starting. Yesterday US dollar index started to rally and is following through this morning. A strong dollar [...]

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