Active Traders Special Report – Must Know Trading Technique

In the last 10 weeks from April through June 11th 2013 Active Traders have pocketed serious profits with this one trading strategy that has been proven to work time and time again no matter the […]

Live Interview with David Banister with Stock & Gold Outlook

I was just interviewed by Mike Swanson of in which we discussed our outlook for the stock market and gold.   I use trend psychology and Elliot Wave theory to understand and forecast the […]

Playing the ABC Gap fill for swing trading entry at ATP

David Banister One of my favorite “Crowd Behavioral” patterns is the ABC Gap fill pattern. This is a normal correction pattern in the stock market that works off overbought sentiment. You can apply this to […]

Precious Metals and Stocks poised to ramp higher in 2013

David Banister-  Jan 22 2013 It’s been a long drawn out corrective affair with the precious metals since the August-September 2011 top that seems so long ago right now. During that last spike period where Gold rallied to just over $1900 per ounce, we had mentioned many times in articles and to our subscribers […]

B Wave the Seminal Event, blink and you miss it and the C wave up

David Banister- The work at my firm centers firmly around a combination of fundamentals and catalysts, and crowd behavior. Yes, it’s crucial to understand herd mentality if you want to consistently enter profitable swing […]

Trading the ABC Sentiment Shifts Ahead Of The Crowd-VVUS

Spotting the 3 day rest B wave for profits VVUS-Dec 20th Updates:  We sold 1/2 at 13.25 for 11-12% gains, and held 1/2 long.  The stock is hitting 14.90 now up 25% for ATP since […]