Using Pyramid Entry for 14% 3 day Gains

Often at ATP we use gap fills and pyramid scaling techniques to get the  best low risk entry before an upside reversal.   In the case of LEJU recently, this worked out perfectly on one […]

Strategies for July Earnings Season

It’s July earning season and stock rotation time, do you have a plan? This period of time in the market always brings rotation from 2nd quarter leaders to new 3rd quarter leaders. The 4th of […]

23% in 4 trading days with crowd behavior and pullback trading

David Banister: Over at our ATP swing trade service we look for a combination of fundamental and technical catalysts to spot opportunities for out-sized market beating gains. We are big believers in crowd behavior […]

Time to buy out of favor ETF’s for 2014?

David A. Banister- The best time to buy cheap is when you are afraid to bring up your ideas around the water cooler at work for fear of the peer laughter. Our work centers […]

ATP Smashes Market In August- Updated Track Record

Our Track record updated through August 28th 2013, our last Closed out Trade. During the month of August we opened and closed 12 Trade Positions.   Each position is assumed to be $20,000 for calculation […]

Trading Around Core Positions for Big Gains- DATA

At our ATP Swing Trading (Stock and ETF) service, sometimes we are in and out of a position quickly and other times we actually hold for awhile, but do some trading around the “Core” to […]

How we parlayed Market views for a 6.4% 3 day gain- TZA

Over at our TMTF ( service, we look at pivot points for the SP 500 and Gold typically both on a short, intermediate, and long term basis.  This foundation is often used to parlay those […]

How we bought right and sold right for 9-15% gains AMBA

At our ATP trading service, we look for entries on pullbacks in strong stocks.  We also look for the opportune times to sell and take our profits out of the market, which is what the […]

How to make profits on gap fill swing trades every week

As a short term trader, one of the best ways to make consistent profits and take them out of the market is buying oversold gap fill set ups. I’m looking for strong stocks that are […]