December Market Outlook: SPX, Oil, Gold, Silver &Miners

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The Great American Wall Of Worry – US Stock Market

Traders and investors all around the world is having trouble climbing over the wall of worry/fear with the US stock market, and rightly so. There is a lot of things taking place and unfolding that carry a high level of uncertainty. Let’s face it, who wants to invest money into the market when it’s hard […]

Getting Coal in Your Stocking May Be Exactly What You Want

Chris Vermeulen – We all want new and exciting electronic gizmos and gadgets for the holiday season. Unfortunately they have the tendency to lose almost all their value within weeks because of newer versions etc… but what if you just got a lump of dirty old coal in your stocking, how would you feel? […]

Keep Your Eye On Trends & Reversals – SPY – RIMM – KOL

The equities market technically still has another day of positive momentum behind it and with a short holiday week higher prices are favored. This morning in the video I mentioned how oil continues to look untradible because of the sharp news related swings and lack of clear chart patterns. Yesterday it rallied over 2% and […]