Feb 26th- Gold Due for Pullback Wave 2?

A pullback in Gold today to 1320’s from the 1348 high. […]


HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Buying in the trenches is where the risk and reward pay off! Tired of buying and hoping? Tired of guessing which stock to buy and when? Are you unsure whether a pullback is [...]

How we parlayed Market views for a 6.4% 3 day gain- TZA

Over at our TMTF ( service, we look at pivot points for the SP 500 and Gold typically both on a short, intermediate, and long term basis.  This foundation is often used to parlay those [...]

Our Updated Track Record through Aug 6th 2013

We began offering a combination of boht ETF and Stock swing trades on April 1st of this year.   We have been logging in our wins and losses on an adjusted basis since that time. [...]

Why Great Stocks Drop Hard and Reverse

Institutional sell programs and bots cause disruptions: David Banister- Chief Strategist-   One thing that will always over rule charts and technical analysis is fundamentals in the long run.  To be sure, I love [...]

Jul 9th- New highs on the way as we suggested in late June

79 sp 500

Wave 5 up has been in our forecast ever since we starte […]

The Inflation Trades Are Your Friend

Ignore the pundits and pay attention to the action and […]

They Just Rang A Bell On Gold-Gold Stocks

They Just Rang A Bell On Gold-The Lows Are In! David A. […]

June 27th- Back to the Highs for SP 500?

Back on June 7th for our TMTF Subscribers we did a char […]

Take your Lumps and Move Along

As primarily swing traders, we are always susceptible to second guessing our positions, being wrong with our entry timing, and holding stocks too long and turning small losses into larger ones.  Im just as guilty [...]

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