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The eSignal software is a leading provider of real-time quotes, charts, technical indicators, drawing tools, backtesting capabilities and much more. These decision support tools are a part of eSignal’s award winning software which is supported with real-time data delivered to traders’ PCs and laptops through the internet. For more information on eSignal, email Scott Wilks or call him at 800-322-1819. Mention The Technical Traders and receive a free month of eSignal, less exchange fees. Also, ask Scott about the “Exchange Fee Waiver” program.

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Why eSignal?

  • Global streaming market quotes
  • Innovative, advanced charting — Get in-depth, customizable and easy-to-use charting with powerful drawing and line tools. Quickly move from one chart to another and easily make global changes across multiple charts and page layouts.
  • Ability to create and test your strategy — Use eSignal’s unique formula engine, EFS, to access and modify 100s of charting studies or to create your own. Plus, test your strategy based on historical data and easily make adjustments.
  • Powerful alerts to stay informed — Receive bid, ask, price and volume alerts by email to help you spot and seize potential market opportunity. Set time alerts for open / close or buy / sell points for your trading strategy.

Take advantage of the free, live, online or pre-recorded training that can help you trade the markets more effectively using eSignal. All designed to help you trade smarter. Click here for the eSignal product training videos. 

eSignal 11 – Introduction to the New Features

This overview provides a summary-level view of the key enhancements launched with eSignal 11.5, designed for maximum flexibility in choosing and trading with a choice of brokers. The video steps you through the trading integration function, line template and chart scaling enhancements and improvements to the eSignal Market Scanner, Advanced GET Scanner add-ons and Watch List functionality. Also shown are an overview of the new screenshot tool, formula study language upgrades to the EFS editing tool and a new composite symbol manager for easily creating complex spreads.


eSignal 11 – Chart Scaling

This video shows how simple it is to specify how much historical data is shown in a chart and to fix the scaling for quick cross-checking of symbols across multiple charts.


eSignal 11 – How to Execute and Manage Trades Using Integrated Trading Tools
The chart trading feature ties eSignal’s Advanced Charting with the Trading Integration function, allowing the user to click an icon on a toolbar and then on the chart to place a buy or sell order. That order is then visible on the charts and can be adjusted by a simple drag-and-drop selection. Once an order is filled, a position line visible on the chart contains the necessary information about that order. Subsequent stop and limit orders can be set in the same way. For steps to do this you can read the Money Management article here.


eSignal 11 – EFS Editing Features

In this video, you will see the value of the eSignal Market Scanner and Advanced GET Scanner add-ons to eSignal and the Advanced GET edition of eSignal. It explains how the eSignal Market Scanners (Basic, PreMarket, Power, Hot Groups and Rally Scans) and the Advanced GET Scanner integrate with the charting and Watch List functionality to help traders zero in on the day’s best opportunities in the U.S. stock market.