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Technical Traders Ltd. premium research services cover: Swing Trading, Position Trading, and Long-Term Investing.
Assets tracked depending on the service selected: Indexes, Sectors, Bonds, Precious Metals, Crude Oil, and Natural Gas.

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ETF’s & OPTIONS for Individuals & Advisors

Simple to Trade & Understand
Our research is a hybrid of statistical and technical analysis. By identifying asset trends, support, and resistance, along with time cycles and sentiment we can follow and even predict price.
Cuts Your research by 97%
No matter what type of trader you are looking for our services provide you with virtually everything you need to protect and grow your portfolio from the next significant market move.
Proven Trading Strategies
Get our V10, ADL, and BAN trading strategies to identify consistent winning setups. Reduce your trading stress by taking advantage of our portfolio using position sizing and risk management signals.

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Technical Analysis



You don’t have to be smart to make money in the stock market, you just need to think differently.  That means: we do not equate an “up” market with a “good” market and vice versa – all markets present opportunities to make money!


We believe you can always take what the market gives you, and make CONSISTENT money.


We cut losses and protect profits.  A big part of growing our portfolios is knowing how NOT to lose money.  You WILL have trades that lose money.  However, if you know how to cut your losses, you can have several losses and still be solidly profitable with only one winner.  Think about it – you can be wrong more often than you win and still make money. Good news, we are going to teach you how to be right much more often than that!


We invest by targeting indexes, stocks, sectors, and commodities that have the characteristics of leaders (to the upside and the downside).


When markets are topping or bottoming, we use our BAN strategy (Best Asset Now) to profit from the pending moves in the assets which are performing better than all the others and show the most protential gain near term,and we focus on trading those.
We play trends and solid technical patterns using multiple timeframes.


Each year several big plays unfold, and we will be ready to trade those lows and highs when the time is right. In fact, 2019 – 2021 is most likely going to have some of the best opportunities that we will see over the next 7-10 years. If you miss these trends or even worse get caught on the wrong side, it could either make or break your financial future.


Trading with technical analysis is a philosophy that we believe can change your life.  It changed ours!


If you are a day trader, swing trader, or long-term investor you’ll benefit from technical analysis newsletters and portfolio trades.

IDENTIFY Trend Direction

Trends are more likely to continue then they are to reverse. Draw trend lines on the long-term and short-term charts. Opt-in to our free market forecast newsletter

Find support & resistance

Identify critical areas of support and resistance on the price charts. Calculate Fibonacci percent retracements, advancement levels, and other measured moves.

Time Cycles & Sentiment

Our revolutionary technical analysis methodology revolving around cycle analysis, crowd psychology, and price patterns provides accurate forecasts to use for trading.

I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your no-nonsense. I’ve read other advisors who hedge their bets with so many caveats that you could never actually put on a trade.

So far, you have been crystal clear with your analysis and, even better, it has been correct!


I really appreciate how hard you are working for the partners… and how we’ve been able to make money recently when I might have been panicking without you. I’m learning a lot from you. Thanks.

Video Editor

I am looking to expand my knowledge in trading, and I like your methods. I am new to the game and I’m finding your advice very helpful and very profitable! I almost can’t wait for the updates.

Book Store Manager

I also wanted to express my gratitude to you for doing such a fine job with stock selections and a great understanding of the markets. You deserve an A+.

Self-Directed Investor

Your daily trading videos have become an integral part of my morning routine.  Those few minutes provide a quick snapshot to formulate/execute potential trades.  The technical analysis has been integral to my continued success over the past several years and now allows me the luxury of time to do the things I truly enjoy.

Grocery Clerk

First of all thanks a lot, I’ve been a member for a while and you’re the only service I use now. I love your videos and your trading style, I’ve been so lucky to find you – I’ve tried a lot of services (and I mean a lot) and I can’t do without your forecasts. I watched your video on cycle analysis – what an incredible way help time market movements!

Insurance Broker

Excellent work! I’ve quite enjoyed reading your forecasts (keep ’em coming!), then watching the market and my stock picks with GROWING CONFIDENCE of when to get in and get outYour forecasts have totally obliterated that ugly fear factor that used to exist in my trading. Thanks. I just recommended it to my BANKER this morning! Lol

Self Employed

Hi, my name is Harvey and my wife and me have really enjoyed using your ETF and stock alert subscription. The alerts are easy to follow and we like your comments too (some are quite funny). I’m glad that you’ve always got your mind on the overall trends.

Portfolio: Three to Choose

If you read through this page then you’ll see that we deliver actionable portfolio recommendation PLUS rich educational content that will make you a more well-rounded trader both emotionally and from a technical analysis standpoint. Our services are absolutely loaded with the highest quality “best of” and uniquely innovative technical analysis research that is simple to understand which you won’t find anywhere else. We consider our services and courses as masterpiece creations. With more than 55+ years of research and trading experience, we provide our users with educational, profitable, easy-to-use, cutting-edge solutions suitable for all levels of traders & investors.
The Technical Investor
The Technical Investor portfolio is a must-have for anyone with a retirement account of any type. This is as simple as buy-and-hold investing but with the benefit of knowing when to reduce exposure by moving to cash, or moving to an ETF that rises in value during bear markets.

If you can buy an ETF, or call your financial advisor then you can change your portfolio holdings easily. Portfolio allocation will hold up to 100% in the SP500 ETF, Cash, or Inverse SP500 ETF depending on the market condition.

Long-Term Investing
1-3 Signals Per Year
Weekly Investment Report
Targeting 20+% Annual Return
SP500 (SPY), Inverse (SH)
Trend Length: 1-7 years
Trade Targets 25-150% Profit
Max Open Positions: 1
Trade Position Sizing
Stop Loss Adjustments
Profit Taking Alerts
Access: Web, Email, App
Email & Phone Support
The Technical Trader
The Technical Trader is ideal for active traders looking for a few extra winning ETF trades each month.
(Formerly: Wealth Building Newsletter)

This portfolio is designed using our BAN Trading Strategy (Best Asset Now) delivering a steady stream of winning trades no matter the market direction. BAN actively scans and analyzes equity sectors, indexes, precious metals, gold miners, crude oil, natural gas, real estate, and more to identify assets with the lowest level of uncertainty but has the largest upside potential.

Active Swing Trading
2-5 ETF Trades Month
Daily Pre-Market Video
Targeting 20-48+% Annual Return
Stocks, Metals, Energies
Trend Length: 3-20 Days
Trade Targets 3-40% Profit
Max Open Positions: 4
Trade Position Sizing
Stop Loss Adjustments
Profit Taking Alerts
Access: Web, Email, App
Email & Phone Support
The Technical Wealth Advisor
Technical Wealth Advisor is the most simple and profitable strategy that trades the SP500 and Bond ETFs. It’s ideal for beginners, active traders, advisors, and active investors.
– Fewer trades, bigger profits.

The Technical Wealth Advisor portfolio is our hedge fund grade trading signals. This index and bond ETF strategy will hold up to 100% allocation in an asset at times depending on the market trend and volatility level. During bear markets, the SP500 inverse ETFs will be traded to profit during extended downtrends.

Position Trading
8-12 ETF Trades Per Year
Weekly Detailed Video Analysis
Targeting 20-60+% Annual Return
SP500 (SPY), Bonds (TLT)
Trend Length: 20-60 Days
Trade Targets 3-20% Profit
Max Open Positions: 2
Trade Position Sizing
Stop Loss Adjustments
Profit Taking Alerts
Access: Web, Email, App
Email & Phone Support


Technical Traders Ltd. provides independent commentary, analysis, investment recommendations, and education through print, online publications, videos, and other mediums. As a leading innovator in technical analysis systems and trading strategies since 2001, we use our own proven and unique trading and investing strategies and philosophies we’d want our own families to read and follow.

Our team is very different in terms of trading experience and performance. We are a team of three, each having traded and invested through the 2000 and 2008 bull and bear markets. Between the three of us, we have more than 75+ years of combined experience and fully grasp how each market condition must be traded. We take great pride in knowing that we have more trading and market experience than most other professionals in the field.


Our BAN (Best Asset Now) approach to identifying investment opportunities is used in all our portfolio newsletters. Our focus to find the best asset at any given time that has the most profit potential with the least amount of risk (volatility, headline news, or possible events) that could unexpectedly chance the price direction.

Managing risk and positions through portfolio allocations and market volatility allows us to keep our risk-reward consistent no matter the market condition. We believe in long-term relationships and deliver consistent gains without increasing portfolio risk for our customers.

We are a Canadian based company, and our research and opinions are shared around the world with customers in over 80 countries, and our Technical Traders Mobile App allows users to receive our work in almost any language.

Throughout our history, we’ve consistently predicted some of the biggest market moves and opportunities for both
the long-term Technical Investor Portfolio, and our more active The Technical Trader Portfolio, and Technical Wealth Advisor Portfolio.


Accurate Cycles & Forecasts
We understand that learning and reading the markets can be tough. That is why we have are dedicated to providing crystal clear market forecasts in a way that everyone can understand.
55+ Yrs of Technical Analysis
Analyzing the markets is not black and white and requires both theory and experience for long-term success. Our 55+ years of combined technical analysis and trading speaks for its self.
Our revolutionary and counter-intuitive strategies allow us to identify the correct timing and crowd behavioral patterns just before reversals, thus producing consistently profitable trades.
Developing trading systems is no easy task. Our team has been programming since the 80's and systems are the heart of our work ranging from trend identification to advance auto-trading.
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