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The global markets are going to contract with an aggressive and violent move in the near future. Many of the world’s best economists are currently warning of market bubbles, debt issues and an extended contraction persisting in many parts of the global economy.

As an active trader managing a relatively large amount of assets, I’m writing you today to offer you continued inside analysis and detailed reporting of this impending global economic event and to explain why the information I am offering is so valuable to you.

Many of you are skilled investors with rather large amounts of assets that need to be properly deployed into the markets. My business, for more than 18 years, has been to develop and deliver timely analysis and reports to investors just like you for the Gold, Oil and other major market indexes.

I know my clients very well and I am personally invested in their success. My advice and analysis reports are critical to my clients in helping them to develop a proper asset deployment solution for all of their trades and investments.

Recently, I have acquired a new set of resources, specifically a Washington D.C. “insider” who also happens to be a highly skilled market analyst. This individual contacted me early in 2014 explaining that individual investors must know what is about to happen in America and the global markets, and which assets to invest in along with when these trades should be taken.

He talked about Bitcoin reaching $20,00-30,000 years ago and updates with what seems crazy information but most of these things ended up happening.

This person said they have been following my work for many years which I confirmed by cross referencing my emails and subscriber lists and was told that the quality of my analysis, my global reach to investors (over 87 countries), and my trust worthy reputation is what made their decision to work together which I agreed so we can deliver the absolute best real-time Global Market trading analysis available anywhere.

This individual is a true “Market Master” when it comes to timing critical turning points in the market, economy, and has insights that 99% of people don’t have access to. The purpose of this endeavor is to make sure you are made aware of the information, critical events and market timing/analysis from this Washington D.C. “insider” and economic analyst as we navigate through future market events.

Right now, you are probably asking yourself, “what makes this individual Market Master and why is this so important to me?”. The answer to this question is simple. With this individual I have been working with, I have been evaluating the trading decisions in real-time as well as delving into their backgrounds to be sure this person is not “off the wall, one-off, lucky call” types of analysts.

For over 4 years, I have been conducting a very thorough and detailed evaluation of their abilities, trading model and skills with my own capital. I have also been delving into their life experiences to find out what makes this individual tick and think the way they do. I believe this individual holds many of the keys to understand the future global economic fluctuations that are about to unfold.

Because of my efforts, use of my own capital to prove out these trading models and the fact that I now rely on these individuals for insight and information, I believe this type of information would also be valuable to traders and investors like yourself.


Would you like to be better prepared for a global market that is in turmoil?

Would you like to have access to real-time detailed, analytical, model-based analysis of the Global Markets and what is likely to unfold?

Do you want to protect your assets and be prepared for any type of market fluctuations?

Do you believe there are certain people that have achieved the skills and connections to properly analyze and profit from nearly every global market event?

Before answering these questions, allow me to review a few key factors and components of our analysis.


This chart, of the recent decoupling of equity flow to asset price valuation, is a prime example of what one should expect to see near the beginning of a fluctuating market, or market correction. This graph shows that equity is moving away from traditional investment classes in a dramatic manner.

Why would this happen at this time? The answer is that the “insiders know more than the average trader”. The largest investment firms on the planet are very well connected and are cautiously removing assets/liquidity from the market to protect themselves against Global Market Fluctuations.

Please take notice that the level of outflows is the largest it has ever been since before Jan 2013. In fact, the outflows of capital have accelerated at a tremendous pace. Any continue outflow throughout the remainder of the year would indicate further FEAR in the markets of a deep correction.

As many of you already know, decreased liquidity in the global markets presents another interesting and potentially devastating result, the opportunity for Flash-Crash type events. As liquidity leaves the markets, deep price swings can become hyper-accelerated by the lack of a liquidity balance. This results in a move that can become very volatile and dangerous for those that are not prepared.

Trading margins (the red/green levels on this chart) are another factor that play into the future volatility of the markets. Never, in recent history going back over 30 years, have we seen global trading margin at levels like this. Just the other day I reviewed a new article that China’s attempts to create a “soft landing” for their economic rebalancing are likely to be about as soft as “taking a knife to one’s own flesh”. Can you imagine what the global markets will look like in the middle of this type of event?


The other interesting component of this chart is the representation of the S&P Monthly price levels (in blue). As the US Fed has continued to pump QE into the global markets, one can easily see a stair-step or ladder-effect in the margin rate levels… deeper and deeper it went. This, most recent negative increase in margin, is most likely related to the moves made by the EU and China. Many individuals simply don’t understand how integrated the global economies are at this moment and how a minor contraction could result in a very deep and prolonged global contraction.

These charts that I’m attempting to present as critical factors and justifications for your consideration of our new Global Financial Reset Wealth System are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you will receive.

Knowledge + Insight + Skill =
Global Financial Reset System

So, let’s go back to those questions...

Did you answer YES to any of them?

Do you feel you would benefit from continued real-time analysis of global market events?

Do you feel the need to try to protect your assets and those of your family for the foreseeable future?

The Global Financial Reset Wealth System is the best solution to these objectives I can offer you. I have spent more than 4 years working with this very skilled individual while placing my own capital at risk proving out the trading models and learning about what and how Washing D.C Insiders know and do things. In short, I believe in the data presented, it makes logical sense and the types of trades provided compliment my own trading style and portfolios so I can protect myself and my family the best I can financially.

What you get...

I’m offering a limited number of individuals (150 to be exact) the ability to share in this advanced analytical reporting and trading system analysis. With the Global Financial Reset Wealth System, you will receive:

  • Reports detailing trade setups, global market analysis and key factor analysis.
  • Realtime (Daily or as needed) alerts of critical market events, trade setups and more
  • Access to the Market Master in terms of their inside analysis, thoughts, interpretations and other communications.
  • Access to 20 Major Market analysis include the S&P, INDU, NASDAQ, Gold, Oil, Real Estate, Fed Rates, Global Indexes, Currencies, Bitcoin, and more.
  • Access to my Market Master’s trading model calls (which include many of the global ETF markets allowing you to rotate you assets into proper asset classes as these events unfold)

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I’m offering you all of this, the ability to gain insight and knowledge from the Market Master's insider information and advanced trading models. You’ll be able to use this information to help manage and protect your assets as these market events unfold. My objective is to assist you in not only protecting your hard earned capital, but to also assist you in generating profits while these events unfold.



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Please consider these benefits you will receive with the Global Financial Reset Wealth System: If our analysis is correct and the global markets are setting up for a “reset event”, then you will be prepared and aware of these events as they unfold with

If our analysis is NOT correct and the global markets do not setup for a “reset event” in the near future, you will gain all of this advanced knowledge and trading insight that will STILL assist you in protecting your assets and generating profits by using our Market Master’s trading model.

As a professional, a business owner and a family man myself, I have structured this offer so that you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I want to try to assist you and help you, and your family, to understand the risks, perils and rewards that are about to unfold in the global markets. As I stated, I am currently, and have been, running these systems with my own capital for nearly 4 years and believe in them and the abilities of my Washington D.C. “insider” Market Master.

I know many of you are already aware of the fact that the global markets are setting up for a major move. There has been a lot of talk recently of the historical 6 to 8 year economic cycle and the larger 80 year cycle that is about to befall the global markets. Bill Gross recently called the Chinese stock market is “the short of a lifetime”. The insiders know the market is setting up for a major reset or contraction and now you can have access to this type of information too.

With your Global Financial Reset Wealth System subscription you will begin the process of learning the techniques and capabilities of this "insider". You will gain access to the trading signals and triggers that are generated by these models. You will have detailed, weekly insights delivered to your email and you will have real-time, live alerts delivered to your phone and email. You will be in the game at a level that you may never have experienced before. All of this plus my book “7 Steps To Win With Logic” (a $24.99 value).

I urge you to consider my offer and consider the simple fact that you will receive more value from this offer than it costs. I’m sure you can see you will be receiving far more value in just the reporting and trading signal generation than it costs. That is why I’m making this offer as it is, I want to try to help you protect your assets and protect your family throughout this market event. Please consider joining the Technical Traders Wealth Building Newsletter to gain FREE access to the Global Financial Reset Wealth System today.


Interview with the Market Master

Read the comments for yourself and determine if this information would be
of great value to you or not.

Q : Can you briefly describe your experience and what lead you to develop your mastery of the markets and this trading model?

Let’s just say I am a “Capitol Hill Washington DC Insider”. I’m a former CIA insider and graduated from a TOP recognized Ivy League business school in the US. The CIA is out to hang heads due to Ed Snowden’s leaks and I don’t want to live in Russia, way too cold so I am keeping a low profile while trying to help fellow investor before they lose half of what they own.

I certainly do NOT want to draw any more attention to myself as I have done in the past. There was a very valid reason that I left DC behind me after being born and raised there and being part of “Beltway Insiders Club” as it’s referred to. I need to be within a short shot of getting into Canada from my current location if/when I desire.

Everything is done on Capitol Hill behind closed doors.

This is NOT the summer to take off from trading the markets. Expect the unexpected especially this summer.

The Federal Government has authorized US Financial Banks at their own discretion NOT to go give out large amounts of cash if a depositor so desires from their account. It’s happened here in very small numbers, but it will be implemented on a much wider scale down the road, and this is a major reason why one SHOULD NOT be keeping cash in their US Bank Accounts. I recommend that people slowly draw out their cash balances in small amounts so NOT to alert anybody at this time. I as well, recommend that Americans keep a safe hidden somewhere in their basement on solid footing to keep it on solid ground. This is where you will keep your physical purchases of Gold down the road, the paper gold market will collapse down the road, and the physical Gold in hand is the key here. If one has a large amount of property, I know people who are already burying these assets as of a few years ago.

The government that I grew up in and worked for is NOT the government of today. Its extremely disappointing to see the major changes and know what is lined up down the road, I pray for the USA.

Oil is going to have a multi-year rally, but its NOT confirmed. A lot of money will be made in just this trade alone.

Gold should go down to the $950 area before it has a multi-year rally. I am simply the observer, I will know the date of confirmation when it happens and then you will be informed immediately.

Remember, we can certainly make a lot of money on going long on Gold paper, but for the long haul, you want that physical stuff in some denominations like small bars, bullion rounds and coins. It will be great for bartering down the road.

Currently, our economic problems in the US are:

  1. The real unemployment rate is 23%, the gov just rigged the numbers, I have been their and had senior level people order me to do so as well.
  2. The real GDP in the US for the 1st Quarter is -2.00, but the government and mass media will never allow that fact to come out. We are in severe contraction of the economy, there is no growth in any global economies, the QE has distorted the BIG ECONOMIC PICTURE… and the politicians lie like heck all the time because I was there to see it all

Q : Without disclosing too much information, can you briefly explain why your trading model is so critical for our subscribers?

I choose an ETF with the greatest leverage and the most market liquidity. All fractal models, within the main model, must confirm one another before we have a “100% Confirmation”.

We take our profits when just one of the models changes back to “neutral”. This has always produced nearly exact timing and has generated great profits.


The US Markets:

Dow Jones, SPX, NDX-100, Bonds

The International Markets:

Australia Canada China England German Hong Kong Japan

The Currencies:

US Dollar Euro Dollar Jap Yen


Gold, Silver, WTI Oil

Q : You stated that your trading models had predicted a very interesting development in the Bond markets, can you elaborate a bit on this?

Certainly. The Fed will stuggle to raise rates, they will just do bare minimum raise if need be, which is basically going to trigger the stock market to sell off and trigger the start of the bear market.. There are various ways of creating liquidity other than making a huge announcement. They are able to use the formula “Velocity” in M1/M2 money supply. I would not be surprised if they announce New QE 4 down the line. Its all about politics in DC and making Obama looking good and the Demarcates looking even better before the elections even though they are way down the road.

Historically, in these times of deflationary depressions which is a normal business cycle that is REQUIRED, there will be huge capital appreciation over the next few years in them if you know how to properly navigate the asset classes.

Right now, in the US Indexes are completing triangles and working their way to the apex. There will be a huge breakout one way or another. We will know shortly, we wait for confirmation and then we move in.

We will know VERY soon, so we need to get ready for this...

Q : You have also suggested purchasing real assets such as Gold and Silver, why is this important?

Silver is basically due to the fact that Gold and Silver will rise together, but it’s much easier to use in a Barter. The US Government has a long-term plan to remove US Dollars out of circulation. They will monitor all transactions electronically down the line and cash will be removed and an “electronic card” will be given out instead. Most people will probably think this is a big improvement, but it’s the way Fed Gov can track all of your assets very easily. Big Brother is HERE. There will be a huge event that will occur right before this problem is in place and that way people will accept it without questions. It’s a very quick way that they can “bail in” whenever they want to.

It’s true that Gold and Silver will enter circulation but only on the barter system down the road.

Did you know that JPM Chase is hoarding the Silver Market, they have in their vaults more silver than any other entity in the USA. They are loading up and receiving deliveries from the COMEX on quite a regular weekly basis. Mr. Obama is very aware of this as well as the Treasury Department. Your need to understand that Wall Street backed Obama over Mr. Romney in the past presidential election. Its the BIG BANKS and BIG Financial Institutions that run the US Government as well as the Oval Office. Obama is just a “figure head” to implementation and a rubber stamp to these new financial policies that are on standby TODAY. Apparently, JPM Chase is planning on corning the Silver market with the blessing of this Government. They will be the future power brokers here in the US over the White House and Gov Agencies.

Buying the DIP seems to be coming to an end for the equities market, at least for a few years.

Q : This is all very interesting, what would you like to close this interview with? Is there anything you would like to state to our readers about why your skills and experience will help them navigate through this turmoil?

This rally process is now drawing to a close and prices appear to have most, if not all, of the major technical and our cycle analysis wave characteristics in place to indicate that the rally is ending and that a multi-year decline is about to ensue -except for one very important key ingredient- our proprietary trend signal analytics are yet to technically confirm the highs as complete, continuing to remain technically NEUTRAL – just as they have done for the past 6 months for US equities.

From a timing perspective, this is critical because we know the likelihood of any meaningful or sustainable decline getting underway remains low whilst our analytics models remain NEUTRAL. Of course as things change, we will immediately advise you of important and technically confirmed trend changes as they occur.

Until that day arrives continued patience is required.

The concept of Economic Cycles, which are sometimes referred to as Business Cycles is a theory that attempts to explain changes in economic activity that vary from a long term growth trend as observed in a developed market economy. Factors considered in defining an economic cycle include growth of GDP, household income, employment rates, etc. Economic Cycles are divided into two main categories: booms and recessions, inflation vs. Deflation (deBooms are associated with a strong economy, while recessions are characterized by below-trend economic growth. The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) is considered the authoritative source in the US that reports the dates of the peaks and troughs that quantify Economic Cycles. NBER defines economic cycles a bit differently than Economic Cycle Theory.

Rather than booms and recessions, it classifies the economy as being in expansion or contraction. Expansion is when several pieces of economic data are improving, and contraction is a decline in the same data. These definitions focus more on the movement of data, whereas the boom/recession definition only refers to the data’s position relative to historical averages.

The basic idea behind economic cycles is that they’re more than just mere fluctuations in economic activity and are significant enough to be widely diffused over the economy. A short term decline in economic activity has historically been observed to be followed by a short term gain in economic activity. Observed over longer periods, the highs and lows average out to form the trend, or average, economic growth rate. The Economic Cycles Theory holds that although this trend growth rate is subject to change, it has remained relatively steady in the past, thus theoretically indicating the general rate of economic growth that we can expect to see in the mid-term future. No attempt is made by Economic Cycles Theory to describe economic activity during extended periods of decline, only growth.

The Fed Reserve has over $4 Trillion of “toxic assets” on their balance sheet and they have violated accounting procedure by keeping them at their COST, where it should be LCM (lower of cost or the market values).

The 6 Major US Banks/Investment Banking have $270 trillion outstanding in derivatives. This is a major concern because the role of the central banks especially the US Fed Reserve will not be able to resolve this in any positive methods.

You have yet to experience or witness the painful effects of the existing financial crisis, the current deflationary depression and the shortage of well-paying jobs. We are currently at a major inflection point in American society. There is an unending condition of chronic slow to negative economic growth and permanent economic insecurity that the Federal Government has been hiding from you for several years.

One of my top skills is the ability to understand and correctly assess the impact of current “White House” policies affecting the financial markets and the economy, both at the domestic and international levels. My proven ability of analysis of these implications will easily spell financial success for my “inner circle” people that I am currently working with.

I have access to new un-circulated policies that will go into effect in this country. This will be reflected in all of my current and future trades. A great deal hangs in the balance, do you really want to know what is actually going to take place before it’s to late?

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Thank you for reading this message, Sincerely,


Chris Vermeulen
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