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The BAN trading system revolves around technical analysis, momentum, stage analysis, and market sentiment. Identify the Best Asset Now with BAN.
Own the best sector etf’s
Own the three hottest sector ETF's during stock market rallies. This proven strategy going back to the 1920s consistently outperforms the Nasdaq.
Position Management
All successful traders manage positions as if their account depends on it, and that's because it does. Get our detailed position entry, targets, and stop levels.

EXPERT pre-market

BAN Trend Traders Pro subscribers receive a pre-market video that walks you through the charts of the major indexes, bonds, precious metals, and their miners, our open trades, the BAN Hotlist, and possible trade setups, as well as any noteworthy price action in the markets. These 7- to 12-minute videos, together with an updated BAN Hotlist, are distributed every morning by email and through our members-only iOS and Android app. Click on the computer screen below to watch one of our pre-market reports.

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The BAN Trader Newsletter provides you with the top three sectors ETFs to own during stock market advances. By owning the best sectors, you can outperform the S&P-500 and the Nasdaq. Our proprietary sector selection process delivers explosive growth potential, so you own the best sectors everyone else is talking about in the media before the majority of traders drive up the price.

Trend Trader Pro


BAN Trend Traders Pro signals are generated at End Of Day (EOD), meaning all trade alerts are sent after the market is closed. New positions will be entered the following trading at the opening bell. Alerts are sent via mobile app, email, and posted on the members’ website. This makes it easier to follow and manage trades. We do recommend setting profit-taking and stop-loss orders with your broker so that when any of these levels are reached, the broker will automatically execute the trades for you.


As technical traders, we specialize in trading price action and momentum using relative strength which we call the BAN trading method. By focusing on the Best Asset Now (BAN) we are able to identify the strongest leading sectors at any given time. We hold the best three performing sectors in our portfolio and rotate positions as new leaders emerge. These swing trades last an average of 39 days and we target 7%, 15%, and 20% gains.

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We educate people to use efficient strategies to grow their wealth, achieve financial goals, and have more free time.

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ban trend traders PRO Signals

These “supercharged” unique trades boost the average BAN sector trading strategy by 37% (on average, over 13+ years).  This fourth ETF position provides an extra diversified trading component to the core BAN trades and allows you to supercharge your results.

trader hotlist

If you are an active trend trader, then you must have this traders pro tool. Follow these additional explosive ETFs setups for additional opportunities to profit. The BAN TRADER HOTLIST allows you to execute more trades “at-will” using the same BAN technology we use for the core BAN Trades.  Hotlist allows you to find the Best Asset Now to trade.

ban trader Course

This detailed video course will help you better understand how to use and profit from the BAN TRADER Hotlist Signals. These BAN TRADER videos and guides will have you loving everything BAN in just a few days. The course includes ETF selection, risk management, trade entry, position management with price targets, and an exit strategy.

Live MonthLy mentoring

Become a pro trend trader with exclusive group mentoring sessions where Chris Vermeulen and his team share BAN setups, trends, techniques, and more. Ask questions and learn at an accelerated level. These Live or Pre-Recorded sessions may include special guests or other special content as well.  All mentoring sessions are recorded and made available to members as an extra resource for training and education.

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Sector Rotation Is More Relevant Now
Than Ever Before!

  • Sector rotation is strong
  • Fed is flooding market with liquidity
  • COVID continues to change the world
  • How we live and work is changing
  • Global changes makes opportunities
  • Volatility creates larger profit potential
  • New president, policies, and tax plans

Get our highest quality trend trader pro trades using the “Best Asset Now” BAN methodology you won’t find anywhere else. A result of 75+ years of research and trading experience that provides: education, easy-to-follow signals, and a profitable strategy suitable for all levels of trend traders, pro or not!

Daily Pre-Market Video Education
Top 3 BAN Sector Signals
Detailed Position Management
BAN Trader Pro 4th ETF Signal
Active Trader Hotlist
Active Trader Hotlist Course
Live Monthly Mentoring Webinar
SAVE 16%
Daily Pre-Market Video Education
Top 3 BAN Sector Signals
Detailed Position Management
BAN Trader Pro 4th ETF Signal
Active Trader Hotlist
Active Trader Hotlist Course
Live Monthly Mentoring Webinar

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