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09 Jul: Retail Traders & Investors Squeezed to Buy High-Risk Assets Again

Yes, we certainly live in interesting times.  This, the last segment of our multi-part article on the current Q2 and Q3 2020 US and global economic expectations, as well as current data points, referencing very real ongoing concerns, we urge you to continue using common sense to help protect your assets and families from what we believe will be a very…

07 Jul: Credit/Investments Turned Into End-User Risk Again

Continuing our research from Part I, into what to expect in Q2 and Q3 of 2020, we’ll start by discussing our Adaptive Dynamic Learning predictive modeling system and our belief that the US stock market is rallied beyond proper expectation levels.  The Adaptive Dynamic Learning (ADL) modeling systems attempts to identify price and technical indicator DNA markers and attempts to map…

06 Jul: Big Funds to Pull Money OUT of Stocks: 2nd Wave to Hit Economy

TOPICS IN THIS INTERVIEW: -Big funds to pull money out of markets. -Falling dollar to really start to benefit gold -Gold miners showing signs of life. -$2,000 gold will change people’s mindsets in gold. -Gold or silver-backed currency will send metals through the roof. Get Chris Vermeulen’s Trades – Click Here

06 Jul: Silver Exits Bear Market Once It Goes Above $21

SBTV speaks with Chris Vermeulen, Chief Market Strategist with Technical Traders, about the usefulness of technical analysis given manipulated markets and why Chris believes that market fundamentals don’t work when it comes to trading. Discussed in this interview:04:14 Profiting from patterns in the financial markets 09:44 Gold & silver: insurance plan on fiat currencies 11:10 Does technical analysis work with manipulated…

02 Jul: Wild Volatility Continues As US Markets Attempt To Establish New Trend

We’ve continued to attempt to warn investors of the risks ahead for the US and global markets by generating these research posts and by providing very clear data supporting our conclusions.  Throughout the entire months of May and June, we’ve seen various economic data points report very mixed results – and in some cases, surprise numbers as a result of the…

30 Jun: Long-Term Consumer Discretionary Winners

I was live on TD Ameritrade TV talking about consumer discretionary, staples, and utility sectors. Explained is a unique crossover on how some discretionary stocks are also becoming a consumer staple. Get My ETF Trade Signals, Entry, Targets, and Stop Levels – CLICK HERE

29 Jun: Russell 2000 Gaps Present Real Targets

Recent Gaps in price action in the IWM (Russell 2000 ETF) presents a clear picture of future price targets and support/resistances.  Gaps are one of the most common forms of Technical Analysis techniques.  They represent “voids” where price activity has skipped a range of price as it advances or declines aggressively. Gaps are commonly used as targets for future price activity…

27 Jun: Gold Completes Another Washout Rotation – Here We Go

One of the most telling patterns in Gold over the past 6+ months has been the “washout low” price rotation pattern after establishing a momentum price base.  It seems as though every time Gold completes one of the moderate-low price rotations, as we call it a “washout low rotation”, it sets up for a new momentum rally to a new momentum…

25 Jun: US Stock Market Enters Parabolic Price Move – Be Prepared, Part II

In the first part of this research article, we briefly discussed the recent price and global economic events related to the 2018 to 2020 US stock market volatility and the COVID-19 virus event.  The premise of this research post was to highlight the current upside parabolic price trend that initiated shortly after the 2015~16 US election cycle event.  It is almost…

24 Jun: Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Miners, Oil, Bitcoin

Get our Active ETF Swing Trade Signals or if you have any type of retirement account and are looking for signals when to own equities, bonds, or cash, be sure to become a member of my Passive Long-Term ETF Investing Signals which we are about to issue a new signal for subscribers. Chris VermeulenChief Market StrategiesFounder of Technical Traders Ltd.

24 Jun: Gold & Silver Begin The Move To New All-Time Highs

We warned about this move many months ago and just 6 days ago we issued a research post suggesting Gold had cleared major resistance and would start a rally mode to push above $2000 – possibly above $2100.  Well, guess what happened right after we made that statement? Yup – Gold started to rally higher and is currently trading near $1790…

23 Jun: US Stock Market Enters Parabolic Price Move – Be Prepared, Part I

After the recent COVID-19 virus event and the global market concerns that will warrant caution for skilled traders and investors, the US stock markets have entered an upside parabolic trend that will likely end with a massive price collapse – extremely volatile and aggressive in nature.  Our research team continues to warn of the unpredictable nature of the current price rally…

22 Jun: Semiconductors and AMD Close To A Breakout Move

Being a technical trader means we attempt to identify opportunities in and market, symbol, or sector based on technical indicators, price patterns, advanced price theory/modeling, and much more.  We don’t particularly care if the opportunity is a bullish breakout rally or a bearish breakdown selloff, we simply want to find the “setups” that create this opportunity because that is our “sweet…

21 Jun: A Stealth Double Dip or Bear Market Has Started

The stock has gone through many cycles since the 2000 tech bubble. The tech bubble was the last significant time the stock market’s popularity among individuals piqued their interest in such a huge way similar to what we see now in the markets. Market legend Jeremy Grantham recently talked on CNBC about the price action in the markets is the “Real…

20 Jun: All That Glitters When the World Jitters is Probably Gold

The economic pressures and concerns within the global markets have not abated just because the US Fed has ramped up the printing presses. Inversely, the stock market price levels may be elevated based on a false expectation of a quick recovery and of future expectations that may be very unrealistic. In terms of technical analysis, Gold has set up a very…

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