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Adelaide Capital 2


Deborah Honig from Adelaide Capital asks Chris the question on everyone’s mind – where are the markets heading? Where is the ‘big money’, the early movers in the market, going? Chris and Deborah also look at the technicals for Gold and Silver and discuss whether Gold and Silver are starting a big run-up now, or should we wait before taking positions?…



Cory Fleck and I kick off today with a focus on precious metals. Gold and Silver have been extremely volatile but remain in an uptrend, with most other safe-haven assets such as Bonds, Utilities and Consumer Staples. The outperformance of safe havens against the US markets is key. Stay in the know with our latest research and alerts on Gold, Silver,…


30 Jul: $100 Silver On Its Way

Chris Vermeulen and Kerry Lutz talk Gold and Silver in today’s video podcast of Financial Survival Network. Listen to Chris and Kerry talk about Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, and Oil. Silver is on its way to $100 once it passes resistance at $44. Stay in the know with our latest research and alerts on Gold, Silver, Oil, and Equities at


30 Jul: Precious Metals Warn Of Increased Volatility Ahead

Our trading team witnessed a big drop in Platinum and Palladium prices early this morning while Gold and Silver continued to push moderately higher.  We began to question this move and investigate any historical relevance to previous patterns.  Our research team pointed out that both Platinum and Palladium rolled lower just 3 to 4 days before the breakdown in the US…


29 Jul: Technical Patterns, Future Expectations and More – Part II

Continuing this multi-part research article, today we are going to explore some more immediate (shorter-term) technical setups.  If you missed the first part of this research article, please take a minute to review it before continuing because there is quite a bit of information and related article links that are very important for you to understand this next article. You can…


28 Jul: Technicals Support Gold’s Rise, US$2,000 is Next Resistance

The gold price has been on a tear for the last week or so, rising from around US$1,800 per ounce to above US$1,970.  The yellow metal’s swift increase has taken it through the crucial US$1,900 level and past its previous all-time high of around US$1,920, set in 2011.  But is gold’s ascent sustainable from a technical standpoint? According to Chris Vermeulen,…


28 Jul: Technical Patterns, Future Expectations and More – Part I

We get a lot of questions from individuals every week. Our research posts contain a lot of varied examples of Technical Analysis, Economic Data Points, Advanced Price Theory, and other more obscure analysis techniques.  Yet, sometimes our readers want to know more – how do we read the tea leaves to try to adopt a consensus approach to trading, investing, and…


27 Jul: NASDAQ Double Top & Price Channels Suggest Pending Price Correction

Our research team continues to attempt to navigate the difficult market dynamics ahead as traders’ concerns related to continued global economic functions persist.  We believe the US stock market has rallied well beyond sustainable levels and the recent move in the US Dollar and Precious Metals has issued a clear warning that global traders are not buying into the current valuation…