Elite Gap Trading – Course

Within this exclusive webinar, our Chief Market Strategist, Nick Santiago will teach his coveted Gap Trading techniques. He has used these exact strategies to profit from the first 60 minutes of the trading day for over a decade. Now, we bring you the chance to learn them yourself…

Within This Course, You Will Master:

1. How To Profit Consistently In The First 60 Minutes Of The Trading Day
2. Find The Best Trading Levels, Before The Market Opens
3. Identify Strong Or Weak Gaps
4. Find Out When Institutional Traders Are Faking Out The Individual Investor – Happens Every Morning
5. Discover The Tricks Wall Street Firms Do Not Want You To Know
6. Trade The Morning Gap Setup Anywhere In The World & Profit!

Beat The Institutions At Their Own Game
With These Powerful Tools!





I have been trading since 1996 and struggled for nearly a decade to become consistently profitable through all the various types of market conditions. I met Brian Leighton, and his team of traders Gareth Soloway, and Nick Santiago in the early 2000’s at a trading convention in Florida. These guys shared their personal trading stratgies with me and recorded the webinars.

These traders offer four trading courses, each which I took and they dramatically improved my short-term trading results. If you are a swing or day trader all four of these courses will give you strategies to use the very next trading sessions. Even if your a skilled trader, I bet you will pickup a few golden nuggets that will generage thousands of extra profits each year from some of these unique trade setups.

All four courses should be taken in this order for maximum results as each course layers on top of the previous.

Please know that these four courses aren’t new, fancy or sexy looking as they are recorded webninars from a few years ago. BUT the rules and trade setups for successful trading have not changed over the years and these courses, if followed properly, will teach you everything you need make a ton of money every year for the rest of your life from any computer, anywhere in the world.

#1 – TradingMethodologyRevealed.com – This course is our most in-depth teaching of the Methodology which has been developed by our Pros, Nick Santiago and Gareth Soloway with over FOUR DECADES of painstaking perfection. The course is +7 hours of intense knowledge which will change the way you look at the markets, forever, over night! You will find nothing like this anywhere else, this course contains Proprietary information, the exact info and strategies used by our Pros to build massive wealth from the markets. From beginner trader to advanced, this course will undoubtedly take your profit making to heights you never imagined. Read more here.

#2 – EliteKeysToUnlimitedSuccess.com – Within this 4 hour course, you will learn things that have never been mentioned in any book, website or anywhere else. This exclusive course will specifically teach you the highly profitable tools and techniques of the Trading Methodology Revealed PPT Strategies. This course will take the powerful knowledge you obtained in the previous Methodology Revealed and push you to an even higher level of PPT profitability. Read more here.

#3 – SecretsToSmallCapWinners.com – This course will teach you the inside tricks and tactics used by Gareth to find explosive small cap winning trades for over a decade of trading. Within this exclusive +3 hour course, you will learn all of these amazing analysis tools. Read more here.

#4 – EliteGapTrading.com – thats this page you are on now.

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