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Chris taught himself to trade while completing his business diploma specializing in operations management. Chris’ first trading profits were enough to pay for his final year of college and allowed him to trade full time and become debt-free quickly and he had made millions from trading and the financial sector by the time he was 27.

He applies his unique background as a pilot and systemizing processes that using technical analysis to give him unique insights to spot profitable trades while managing portfolio risk through proper position sizing.

He focuses on efficient trading. Meaning, he creates systems that trade less frequently, reduces drawdowns, and outperform the SP500 and the Nasdaq. These swing trading, position trading, and long-term investing strategies are perfect for anyone with a busy schedule, or new to trading.

He is renowned as an incredible trader with a deep insight and pulse on the markets shares it in his book Technical Trading Mastery – 7 Steps To Win With Logic.

brian benson

One of the top options trading coaches anywhere, Brian Benson, is our lead options expert. As a full-time trader with over 40 years as a successful options trader.

Having owned and run an options educational firm in the past, Brian is no stranger to how the stock and options markets move and be a trading coach/mentor to his students. When it comes to trading, Brian is one of the best there is. Period.

Brian’s passion for teaching and skills as a trader carries over to Options Trading Signals, where he teaches traders to profit trading stock and ETF options.

Brian developed his trading techniques with one goal in mind; a reliable trading strategy that was easy to manage. Anyone who follows Brian will learn his methods and apply their account.

Brad Matheny
Research & Systems Analyst
With 35 years of experience developing trading applications, systems, utilities, and AI/Predictive modeling solutions for research and trading, Brad provides our market research foundation.

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