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Subscription and Billing Questions

We run a technical analysis based trade alert newsletter where we provide daily stock market forecasts and trade alerts on stocks and ETFs. Our trade setup varies in length from 3 – 45 days in length for swing traders, and also multi-year position or long-term investors. Each day we issue a pre-market video showing you where the markets have been, where they are now, and where they should move over the next 1, 5, and 30 days.As the market provides new opportunities for us to trade, we issue trade alerts that are sent via email, mobile app, and posted in the member’s area.

Yes, all of the memberships/subscriptions are reoccurring for your convenience and can be canceled by sending me an email chris@thetechnicaltraders.com or submitting a support ticket when logged into your membership profile.

If you purchase our one-time payment products like TradingStrategyMastery.com Course or 7 Steps To Win With Logic Book, they are not recurring.

Technical Traders Ltd. is our corporate identity and is used for billing. We o run and own several different newsletters which you may have subscribed to and the charge will be for that newsletter.

Our Newsletters and products are:
www.TheTechnicalTraders.com – Wealth Building Newsletter
www.TradingStrategyMastery.com 3 Hour Video Course
eBook – Technical Trading Mastery, 7 Steps To Win With Logic

For more detail about a charge please email us at chris@thetechnicaltraders.com

We don’t have a free trial for a couple of reasons. 

A free couple of weeks is not long enough to experience what we offer and see how we analyze and trade as the market evolves.

The service is fairly straight forward. 

We provide a sample video of exactly what you will get as a member: https://www.thetechnicaltraders.com/#sample 

We provide a sample trade alert of exactly how they look and work: https://www.thetechnicaltraders.com/sample-trade-alert-entry-and-exit-for-natural-gas-etf/ 

Our trade alerts are complete with entry, stop, and price targets and they are sent via email and SMS text message.

The website shows all trades including the losers, losers are RED in the list.

Sorry, We do not manage client’s money or give any one-on-one individual advice. We provide trading opportunities for you to take advantage of on your own.

To cancel or change subscription please email us at chris@thetechnicaltraders.com or submitting a support ticket when logged into your membership profile.

To cancel or change subscription please email us at support@thetechnicaltraders.com or submitting a support ticket when logged into your membership profile.

If your membership renewal did not renew it is most likely because your billing information changed or the credit card company or bank denied payment. Simply click the “Add/Renew Subscription” tab from within your profile member’s area and rejoin the newsletter to resume service.

If the videos do not play from our members’ area, you may need to clear your browser cache. This differs depending on your browser, but there are many instructional sources out there. If this does not work or you are having trouble, please contact support.

Hi there, we now run all trade alerts through our mobile app, and email alerts. Get our apps here: https://www.thetechnicaltraders.com/mobile-apps-ios-android/

We sometimes have issues with your email provider soft bouncing our emails. This means they can be heavily delayed. Occasionally emails will also slip through the cracks with little that can be done about it.

Notice:If your email host is Juno, AOL, or Hotmail. You will likely have very irregular or non-existent emails. We recommend using a different email host.

If you have a financial website, blog or newsletter? or Want to build your own reoccurring income stream by selling one of the top financial trade alert and market forecasting newsletters on the market visit: https://www.thetechnicaltraders.com/partners/index.php

We have many users that take our ETF picks and make trades with what is available to them locally. The trick is to pick something that closely mirrors the movements of the ones we use. Typically, these are ETFs based on the same or similar indexes. We are working on lists of ETFs in different regions. You can find them here: https://www.thetechnicaltraders.com/memberships/wbn/education/

Trading and Performance Questions

We analyze a variety of investment vehicles depending on the market conditions. We cover indexes and commodity futures like SP500, gold, silver, oil, natural gas, bonds, indexes, hot stocks, sectors, ETFs, Bitcoin, and the volatility index.While we follow and analyze futures prices, we trade stocks and ETFs based on the analysis. We do not provide options trading, though many of our subscriber’s trade options based on our detailed price forecasts.

The number of trades per month will vary depending on the market momentum, volatility, cycle analysis, and price patterns forming.

Some weeks there will not be any trades, other weeks we could have 2-3 trades.

It varies by the type of trade. An alert could be sent anytime during the day, but keep in mind you can enter our trades typically a few days after the alert has been issued if the price is the same or lower than our recommendation.

Trade alerts are sent via email, mobile app, and posted in the member’s area.

Here are our best winning trades in 2017

Trade alerts are sent via email, SMS text message, and posted in the member’s area. CLICK HERE TO VIEW SAMPLE TRADE ALERT

Through our daily technical analysis videos, intraday updates, bonus charts, and detailed trade alerts which explain the reason for each trade you will learn a lot about how to read the market and find trades.

At this time we don’t teach trading with classes as we focus on trading our own money and sharing what we do with our member’s.

Yes, we trade all types of ETFs (exchange traded funds) including leveraged 2x and 3x ETFs. We also trade inverse ETFs, which allow us to profit from falling prices during market corrections and bear markets.

Yes, we trade all types of ETFs (exchange traded funds) including leveraged 2x and 3x ETFs. We also trade inverse ETFs, which allow us to profit from falling prices during market corrections and bear markets.

We believe small to mid-cap stocks offer the most potential to take advantage of investor behaviors. Investors often have a lack of information which creates extreme price discrepancies. A combination of researching recent IPO’s and or little small caps, along with our MRM (Momentum Reversal Method) gives us a major edge. Small and Mid Cap stocks often move very quickly and we can take advantage of volatility for profits. We make sure to look at stocks that are liquid to trade, and/or that we believe are on the cusp of major swarms of new volume and investor interest. With that said we do trade large cap names from time to time.

No, we do not provide intraday or day trading alerts. But our daily pre-market video forecast provides valuable insight on how the day should be traded and what to expect in terms of price direction in the morning and afternoon portions.

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