Gold is still in a bear market, but where is the bottom?

Chris joins David Lin of Kitco News to talk about Gold. Gold’s price pattern has put in a bottom for now, but there is no certainty that the trend now has turned definitively bullish.

“I think gold’s put in a bottom, it feels like it, the charts look like it, but really, we’re not confirmed that…the trend is now up,”

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8 months of predictions from Cris , talking of reaching 2700 , 3500 in few months etc… and after a few months insisting & brainwashing us…WHEN did he get this right in the EXCRUCIATING LAST 8 MONTHS ??no NEVER !!

Chris and David Lin, have to stop doing these video chats because every time they do the price of gold drops that same day!

mark morgenstern

cycle and chart work is great keeps us our of bearish time periods and long in bullish ones

i think it will go 1650$
because it give badla in mcx of 1 percent and rose 10 percent from lows it is overbought now sell for 42000 duration 6 months

I like the thumbnail images Kitco uses for these videos… it always looks like you and David are getting ready for a wild west shootout, lol.

sir i sell gold 1700 how we can

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