How To Survive & Profit From Bear Market Cycles – eBook

When the stock markets enter a bullish phase, investors & traders become complacent and sometimes lazy.  They forget about volatility, risks and the longer-term cycles that create incredible opportunities for dedicated investors and skilled traders.  Then, when the markets collapse, like just recently, suddenly everyone is shocked as to how quickly a positive situation turned into a -30% (or more) price decline.

The reality of the situation, in most cases, is that the economic and market cycle weakness had been evident for many months before the stock market began to collapse.  Skilled traders watch for these fundamental components of market weakness well before the stock market price begins to move dramatically lower.  Yield spreads, Fed lending activity, Credit Card Delinquency rates, Commercial Real Estate activity, and global news events can help you prepare for the massive price swings that may set up in the global markets – but they are not “triggers” for trading, but you will learn how to spot these triggers on the charts using two standard indicators and our rules in this guide.

After the current US stock market collapse which began on February 24, 2020, my partner, Brad Matheny, and I decided we would put together a guide to help investors and traders learn a trading technique that could help them for the rest of their lives. We want to help people who want to take control of their financial futures and who want to learn to watch for the critical trade triggers that we watch for in the US and global markets – When price and technical indicators display a clear “trade trigger” which is actionable.

This 30+ page detailed guide is a specific trading strategy that anyone can learn to use and deploy within a 5 to 10-day span of time.  It also teaches you to deploy “trend bias” and “position sizing” controls which will help you protect your money.  Each page has examples, detailed analysis, educational material, and our own personal insights.  Take a look at the Table Of Contents to see for yourself…

This book teaches you to recognize, prepare for and actively trade withing both Bullish (upward) and Bearish (downward) price cycles.  These cycles represent incredible opportunities for you over your lifetime as long as you know how to protect your assets and prepare to trade these trends for greater profits.

Want to learn how powerful this technique really is?

From the peak in 2007 until now, a passive investment style (staying invested the entire span of 12 years – throughout all upward and downward price swings) resulted in a total upside opportunity of approximately +54% Return On Investment (ROI).  That breaks down to about +4.5% per year.

Adopting a slightly more active investment style while using our marketing timing technique (staying long when our technique identifies upward price trends and reducing risk/exposure when our technique identifies downward price trends. You can profit easily from falling prices and we help you with our “Bias” and “Position Sizing” solutions) resulted in a total return of approximately +110% Return On Investment (ROI)  That breaks down to about +9.15% per year – more than DOUBLE the passive style with only a couple of position changes over the past 12 years

Remember how destructive the last few downside market moves have been? 
Remember how the economy collapsed after 2000 and 2008 and how jobs, the economy, and the housing market collapsed almost immediately after these breakdowns in the stock market took place?  Remember how you felt after watching your investment account collapse 40% or 50% and waiting for it to climb back to the original high peak value?

Well, with our help, you can actually take control of your investment account(s), learn to protect your wealth and learn how to profit from these huge price swings.

We urge you to consider this opportunity to attempt to improve your skills, improve your ability to protect your assets, learn to use this simple technique to stay aware of the biggest opportunities and risks of your lifetime. 

Take this information and teach your spouse how to understand these setups and trade triggers.  Teach the family (when they are old enough) how these technical patterns setup and how powerful they really are.  This is the type of thing that can make a small fortune for your entire family if they stay dedicated to taking a quick look at the market once a week.

And if they can’t dedicate themselves to watching the markets all the time…

Then our exclusive membership service, The Technical Investor, is a perfect companion to this book and will help you stay ahead of these massive market swings.  As a member, we will deliver a weekly update relating to the US stock market using our proprietary predictive modeling and price modeling systems.  You’ll continue to receive our analysis, research and detailed information related to the US stock market, trends and conditions.

We deliver our research to you every week while you work, vacation or go about your busy life.  We help to keep you informed about the market trends, strengths, weaknesses, and other factors so that you can prepare to act when we deliver the early warning alerts about market trends.  It is inexpensive and very effective solution for busy individuals and families.

We are trying to help you protect your assets and wealth.  We are not talking about a few dollars here and there – we are talking about 30% to 50% of your entire wealth.  This could be tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for certain people.  It’s time you invested in the right solution to help you protect and grow your wealth while learning a trading technique that could assist you and your family for the rest of their life.

Why not get started with our new book “How to Survive & Profit from Bear Market Cycles” and then consider joining so we can help you navigate these huge market swings.

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