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I am excited to announce we will be bringing in an Options Trading Specialist to become part of the Technical Traders team and share his knowledge with us all. We will be running our Options Trading Signals Newsletter and LIVE options courses (basics options trading and advanced strategies) in early 2021.

Our Options Specialists have been trading and teaching options trading for almost 20 years. We will unveil our options traders soon but they are awesome options educators and have taught me much of what I know about trading options. In fact, I closed a 53% winner in Oct by employing his strategy on a SPY option. I took what they had just taught me, bought an Oct SPY Call contract with the strike price of $349. I then sold it the same week for a big win! I can clearly see the attraction and value of learning and trading swing options! Maximum limited risk, and crazy amazing upside gains. The best part is you only need a couple of hundred dollars to trade options, making it low-risk to get started.

Options trading provides some of the best risk-reward ratios. Especially when you know how to write options and use the passage of time/Theta to reduce risk to a fixed amount, increase your probability of winning while generating consistent monthly income. And the really amazing thing is that people with small trading account sizes can make money each month because of the leverage options provide. This is what the Options Team has been doing every week for years now, employing both simple and complex strategies to make consistent profits in any type of market.

– Buy Calls
– Buy Puts
– Credit spreads
– Covered Call
– Debit Spreads
– Iron Condors

Our first course series will be limited to 15 people to ensure people have a chance to interact and ask questions. This three-hour “How to Trade Options Basics” course will cover the following and more:

  • Why trade options – income, portfolio protection, and fun!
  • The difference between trading stocks and trading options
  • How to know which strategy to use for a trade setup
  • How to pick the best strike price and expiry date
  • and much more!

I should mention, we will have intermediate and advanced courses that will cover more complex strategies and will follow shortly after the beginner’s course.

Take our course and start profiting with options the very next day!

Available to a limited number of traders to make sure our strategies and courses remain highly educational and profitableIf you would like to become part of this profitable and fun options trading group, be sure to opt-in to our email list below. You will be the first notified once we open the doors to our exclusive options trading signals.

Chris Vermeulen
Founder of Technical Traders Ltd.

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