Thanks for taking the time to help us, help you!

We are VERY close to finishing our long-awaited Options Trading Signals newsletter and How to Trade Options courses.

We have been working on this for more than a year and finally going to wrap it up. We will be opening the doors at the end of this month. These options trading courses and our new options newsletter and alert service will be entirely focused on “intraday and swing trading options.”

The newsletter will bring together the best of technical analysis and options trading with analysis from Chris Vermeulen and our options trading expert we will tell you more about shortly.

The courses will be live webinars where you can ask questions from our new Options Trading Specialist, and you will also get a recording of the course to view anytime in the future. It is going to be a complete brain dump of everything that we know about “Options BUYING and SELLING.”

The newsletter will bring together the best of technical analysis and options trading with analysis from our team. We are also going to cover all the ways that we use options to generate our low-risk, consistently winning trades, and we are going to show you exactly how we trade them and manage positions.

HOWEVER, we need your help. Before we finalize everything, we need to make sure we have covered everything. That is where you come in.

There are really only two things we want to ask you.

  1. What is your top question about options trading that we absolutely NEED to answer in our options trading course?
  2. What is your top question about receiving our options trading signals?

Thank you very much for your comments… check back with us in early February as we prepare to launch our Options newsletter and courses!

Thanks and best regards,


Chris Vermeulen
Founder and Chief Market Strategist
Technical Traders Ltd.

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Comments (264)

David Blair Macrory

I have been trading options since 1972, before there was even the C.B.O.E. I have my own approach; my own set of rules. I’m satisfied w/ what I am doing already. I’m not interested in your new option subscription, but thanks anyway for asking.

#1: Suppose I buy Stock A and it’s at 20 so I sell a lot of calls that can be exercised at 25 and the stock goes to 30. If I let the calls expires, can I work it so that my shares are bought at 25 (per the basic terms of the call contract) instead of my paying out the $5 cash value of the call???

Contrary to the first comment who said he does not want to waste time on basic trading, that is exactly what I need. I know nothing about Options now, so I would need my hand held, leaving nothing out.

Will you be giving all the info necessary to make options trades, even if I still might not fully understand what I’m doing?

My question is
Will you have more than one level of trading as I have some experience in option trading and would not want to waste my time on basic trading. I think you need students to answer a few questions so as to establish the appropriate level for each person.

I suggest you need a course support manual so as students can refer back to this material to confirm a proposed strategic

Chris , thank you for your informative daily briefing


1. I’m leery of group trading as I feel that everything I do on the internet can be seen by techies who will front run our trades. How can you ensure this is not happening.

I have been subscribing to lot of trading courses and trading rooms and in the very few of them (I would say no more than 3 in a number of about 50 well selected) the tutor/teacher/expert went deep on the strategy, applying it to any possible case, usually live. Theory is great but live practice is mandatory in trading. Even recorded live lessons have the same power. The strategy must be applied several times so for the students becomes a sort of muscle memory.

I am interested in SELLING options on Gold Silver and miners.
The service must be complete: trade recommendation, and all the detailed following of the trade (close the trade, defend the position) etc…

I am interested in learning about put options to protect physical gold, as I intend to keep it for awhile but understand that it will be volatile, and also my stock market positions to protect me when the collapse finally comes.

1.) Most option courses cover the basic mechanics of options. What I’d like to see is the very specific details that Chris uses to choose the stocks he’s going to trade options on. What scans does he run?, what is he specifically looking for in the price movement? , What indicators does he use to confirm this thesis?. I’m not looking for general option education -there are numerous videos all over about that. I want to know the specifics of how to trade like Chris. Specific steps to follow that can be used to attain CONSISTENT results through a REPEATABLE process. Not some theory. I’m looking to learn from an options mentor not, be sold a program that is the same run-of-the-mill course has no practical real world application toward making consistent profits.

2.) Beside the cost of an alert service [Which has to be factored in to a trading plan because overhead costs offset our P/L into the red and we have to overcome this cost before we make any profits.]… So, the question would ask is this: How do you defend a losing position to limit risk. After all, success depends upon risk control and there are dozens of experts that will tell you how to get into a position [through an alert] but, very few that teach the exact steps to take to limit trade risk and even fewer that can or will teach how to defend a position before you get into the trade; should the position, that you just got into, starts to go against you.

I have heard that you can lose big in trading options. How do you avoid losing big if deciding to trade options?
Are there options that trade with minimal risk?

Questions I would like to ask

1. How to spot false breakouts

2. Appropriate time to enter Options trades when price is going sideways, so that your contract price is not decayed over time

3. Best stock/commodities available for long term options play, say buying options expiring 1-3 years from the time of buy

I would love to include options in this service. I prefer selling options thru credit spreads so I hope you would include that as an option rather than focus purely on buying options which seems to be the norm for most sites.

I don`t trade options but it good for those who do

Thank you for your offer but at the moment i am strictly a long term investor . My main focus at the present time is the Gold and Silver arena on a long term basis.
I really enjoy your commentaries but have been dealing with a close family member who has been quite sick with dementia added on top. I hardly have time to read your work but at some point i do intend to choose one of your products on a regular basis.

DO you need an account that will do spreads, or will your service do straight calls and puts?

I hope this new options service is top notch and a success. I like you guys. Keep in mind there are several good option services with 90% win rates at $400 annual for one pick per week and $650 annual for 2-3 picks per week both mostly debit or credit spreads.
These services require modest capital and usually pay off in one or two weeks occasionally longer. These alerts are concise and clear.
Keep in mind if a subscriber has a few bad trades they loose faith in a service quickly then cancel and never come back. I sincerely hope your new option service is one of the best.

My top question about options trading that you absolutely NEED to answer in our options trading course is: “when selling high vol option spreads, how to choose the best ITM/OTM strikes and expiration to maximise profit potential and minimise risk”

What is your top question about receiving our options trading signals?
“Have the signals been back tested and how did they perform?”

I am a student, would like to learn.

Option trading is high volume and requirement to be close to the trades on a daily basis. I know little about the process but I would be willing to learn. I just feel that many users of your programs would be wage earners and older folks and they may not be willing to look at trades on a daily basis. but then again option trades may not be hands on process thats what I would need to know

I would love to see what you can provide regarding options. Having another venue for trading opportunities sounds exciting.

Hello Chris and company love following your newsletters. I have experience in options having taken a few credit spreads courses – i am looking to expand my knowledge of alternate trading strategies using primarily the major indexes – SPX, RUT, Nasdaq and major index tracking etfs such as SPY, IWM etc….thanks

I would like to know how to pick the correction options contract as some show high volume for one strike, and the next strike beside it almost nothing. Should I stick with the high volume contracts only closest to what I think I want?

TTT - Options Specialist

Hi Mark we cover this I. Many of our courses on exactly what to look for in addition to volume and liquidity but you are correct high volume allows for better entries and exits.

I have traded options for several decades and prefer writing options to buying options as about 95% of people who buy them lose money thanks largely to time erosion.
If you are fleet of foot then buying options can be very profitable but it is better to buy longer dated options than options with only a few days left to run unless you are very good at getting the direction right.
Buying call options on Rolls Royce last week would have made you a fortune yesterday as the stock rose 45%.

I enjoy trading etf options. I prefer to be notified by text if there’s an “ALERT” (meaning- an action item), or an “UPDATE” (meaning- informational). I think it’s often more practical to send the text which basically says “Check your email for an alert or update “.

TTT - Options Specialist

Hi Jeff thanks for the feedback we will take this into account.

Just want simple buying Puts or Calls, none of the complicated butterflies, etc. Also, for short term options that may hit the target in a couple days, how many weeks out should one buy an option. This also applies to longer term options, how many weeks or months should one buy an option. Thank you.

TTT - Options Specialist

Hi Nancy thanks for your feedback we will take all this into account.

Would like limited risk strategies , Butterflies, credit spreads with good gain potential.

Customer only knows for sure after some sample of trades if this is a dependable approach. Your firm seems to be doing reasonably well. I would hope that you could offer the news letter at a price that I can afford, initially. As a results driven guy, I will endorse your proven strategies. Just make sure that you have mitigation for trades gone south.

I’m not really interested in an options service at this time, but I will stay abreast of your progress.

Hi Gentlemen,
Is there a simple way to calculate the Black-Scholes option pricing formula to determine over/under priced options? How is the interest rate and volatility determined in that formula ?
A comparison of actual and theoretical price would be appreciated. Sorry if that has already been asked.


My question relates to #2 and I will use SPY as the example ETF:
Will you be giving entry and exit prices at a particular on SPY? Or just a broader “buy calls ” or “buy puts” as just a directional trade?
Will the entry signals be based on an extreme overbought or oversold signal on a daily basis?, as holding overnight can be a disaster.

When should a trader consider many short term trades over a single longer term trade.

How should a trader approach pair trading for price and time strategies

How will the information be presented? I prefer written over verbal.

At what stage should options be sold for both winning and losing positions ?

Will we be able to trade weekly expiring options. and does that that need a different strategy ?

I’ve been trading options for more than 20 years with overall great success. I mainly trade credit spreads, both puts and calls. However, by far my biggest and most difficult problem has always been finding the right stocks/options to trade. I have tried to develope scans based on my trading criteria, but have never had much success. So, the method I use primarily is to search just about every bit of company news, traders’ services, “trading guru” recommendations, etc. that I can find. It takes up 90% of the time I have for trading to do the “research” this way.
I wish I could find a reliable way to scan for the trading candidates. It would be worth a lot to me in both time and money to do so….

I have never traded options………would like to learn.

For overseas traders, it would be great if you have options that do not need execution during trading hours, in short, an interval between recommendation and entering the trade.

Also, instead of just blindly following the recommendations, if you could include some simple evaluation methodology like enter a trade at a certain Delta level and exit at a certain Delta level, why certain expiry time-frame is used.

Thank you.

I want to learn how to repair an options trade that has gone bad — one that has moved against me.

1. It would be helpful to learn how to use options for protection (applied to our TTI and TTT portfolios).
2. I would like to see option trades to generate weekly and monthly income.

Will your service be recommending the use of the weekly options for rapid returns?

I will like to lean to trade uncovered calls and naked puts for income and determine which stocks are best suited to this strategy to cash flow physical gold and silver holdings.

Gerry Nowotny

Girishkumar Vinod

1. Will you recommend a suitable broker for option trading?

2. Normaaly you get option price for various strikes. Can any chart provider provide option prices for a singlr strike but different expiries?

#1 What options should we use ie: weekly, monthly , quarterly. 1month out or two months? #2real time text is best for options

1. Top Q: Since 98% of Investors LOSE thier Money in Options, what makes your analysis special / different and worthy of subscribing as Timing is absolutely critical in Options on a daily/hourly basis?

2. Are you planning a Monthly or Annual cost to subscribe, and for what Term with what Guarantee/Money back policy if not satisfied with your “special difference”?

1. Will you cover non-directional options / market-neutral trades? (i.e., where profit potential exists regardless of market direction)

2. Cost of signal, and why should I subscribe? Will it be worthwhile?

When i was a paid subscriber, you were wrong by days and weeks with your BAN and my account lost value.. I do not believe you upheld your promises at all. How will this be different or better than your other paid services?

1. what is the rate of success so what’s the percentage of winning trades on average?
2. Best platform to trade options on?

1. What is the best approach to finding the value of an option?

2. What is the highest win percentage option play?

1- Things concern me about option trading :-
*when I evaluate any trading service I usually focus on: 1- average rate of return per trade , 2- average holding period per trade, and 3- the rate of success (percentage of winning trades) . By knowing those numbers I can calculate an average rate of return of my investment per year of subscription.
*Also I ask if using margin is a must to apply your recommendations or not. Not everyone can use margin.

2- Top question about receiving your options trading signals:-
* Will you be obligated to send a signal periodically ( every day or every week) or you will let the market tell you when to enter and when to stay in cash? And I wish the answer is that you will not force trades and let the market setup first. According to my humble experience, that’s the only way to get higher winning rates.
*Are you going to stick to ETFs or you would search for different opportunities in stocks ?
*Will the signals compose of complex strategies like spreads and selling puts , for periodic income ?
*I suggest that you consider offering what could be called : a “Reserve Membership” where customers pay one big payment (only one) and in return get all what you offer from courses and services lifetime with no additional fees.

What is the minimum account size for option trading ? is it possible with <5k? <10k? As mentioned in the newsletter, one must be willing to take the ownership of 100 shares when trading options. If im starting with a small account, wouldnt only a fraction of signals be relevant for me?

When you trade an Option how can you offset the risk and still be profitable?

How about a chat room and forum for subscribers. We could help each other with easy questions and strategies taking pressure off your options trade, Chris, and Customer Care. It would grow into its “own thing” and we would all benefit from each other’s experiences. I definitely benefit from the online knowledge communities I participate in. Moderated of course.

What John sharpe said ^^

I would be interested in specific buy signals, sell signals, stop loss orders, and open orders to sell. I’m not interested in learning to trade options on my own.

Can you work with TTT to identify setups that haven’t confirmed, and then give us tiny options plays and help us front run? After the underlying setup confirms and we follow up with the underlying purchase, can you help us hedge our play? Or will the options service be separate and unrelated to TTT portfolio and setup filtering systems?

Would love to use options with more speculative plays like individual stocks (TSLA/NIO etc), Chinese stocks (BABA) or marijuana stocks (ACB) or crypto (BTC) or commodities futures (CL1) or the VIX, or indexes when it seems like market bottom/top where we don’t want to allocate a significant portion of the portfolio, but the upside could go sky high and a tiny play make sense especially when market seems volatile/toppy/bottommy but hasn’t confirmed.

Will there be a strategy coordinated with current and future TTT long term/swing/position portfolios for risk management? When you see a market moving event or future volatility, like an earnings report or, ahem, an election, can you help the portfolio buy puts/insurance for a specific short duration to cover the event? Ie., when we don’t need insurance we can sell calls and when we do, and use the premiums paid to us to buy or discount puts to cover specific forseeable volatile future events, like an earnings report, or, ahem, an election, so we can hold our positions through volatility with say lower stops so we aren’t bucked or stopped out. Or if we are bucked/stopped out, we’ve made money with our options trade so bottom line we’ve made money with managed risk. Can you make a strategy to enhance the existing TTT portfolio.

I have tried options before, got my timings way off and sometimes my trend would go in the right direction but my option would lose. I guess I bought it overpriced. I would like to receive actual trades that I could buy, calls or puts, with an explanation of how that particular strike price and expiry were reached.

I am only able to buy my options each morning and check them after the trading day is done ( due to my work and conditions), so I would much prefer email alerts that can be executed the following morning. No alerts that say BUY THIS RIGHT NOW!!! and sell it at close. That will not help at all.

Many thanks for doing this, best of luck…

How to scan for unusual options activity /daily, real time/ ?

When we receive the update, will we miss the play if we can’t put the trade on until the next day

not interested. please focus on not losing our money in our existing paid services… you told us to go to 50% cash on March 30. that was the exact OPPOSITE of what we should have done. that cost me 10’s of thousands of dollars.

most of these services are no good-have been trading options on & off x40 years and basically broke even-if you are half as good as chris it will be good-please keep me posted

this sounds interesting
John L

Interested in how volatility plays into options.

Also, does your team use vertical spreads versus pure plays like directional calls and puts.

Very excited about this direction you and your team is going.

Can we make a living trading weekly options ?

Hi Chris,
I follow your work closely and have learned a lot. Also admire you staying humble despite success. I don’t know which is the best platform to use for options trading in UK where I live. I have multiple trading accounts (Hargreaves Lansdown, Interactive investor/trading and ISA, trading 212 which is CFD and IG – spreadbetting (tax free in UK) but I don’t think these allow options trading. I would like to learn how to do that particularly if it allows better returns wit smaller investment. thank you for your guidance and support. best wishes, Damir

I had been trading options from March into the early parts of September this year. I was always very careful with position sizing and risk assessment. While I made money on some options (based sometimes on recommendations from your firm), I increasingly lost money and stopped buying options. Options are a very dangerous form of gambling in which an option will move at 10 times the underlying stock. I think that you first really need to focus your education on position sizing. You also need to educate your participants on the time value of options which is like an ice cube melting on pavement in the hot Arizona sun.

Best platform to trade options on?

I’d like to know more about stop placement on option trading
and the impact of Delta ?

TTT - Options Specialist

We will set up some trades with defined risk which is better than any stop loss strategy as it will protect you 24/7 not just during market hours. We will have courses on how to do this and all the Greeks including delta.

1. Daily Directional Bias of S&P 500 would be enormous value even if you get it 70% right.

2. Could you focus on S&P E-mini Weekly Options?


I have been trading options in a limited way (controlling my risk to preserve my meagre account) since last winter. To keep things relatively simple for a newbie, I would want to continue to only buy long calls and puts. No writing, no spreads etc at least to start. So for me to get involved with your service, I would need to know that several of your recommendations each month would be long calls and puts.

TTT - Options Specialist

We will be utilizing several strategies that will include directional long and puts.

TTT - Options Specialist

We will have trade for all including long call and long put trades.

I see that VIX calls and puts can be and are purchased in increments less than .05$ but my 2 brokers will not do so.
Some help with practical solutions.

Should offer trades with both short (days) and long term time frames (weeks-months).

TTT - Options Specialist

We will have both and our goal is to have a wide variety for all traders.

TTT - Options Specialist

We will indeed offer both!

Catherine MacLeod

I’d stress that the set of tools you have as an option trader is like a Swiss Army Knife compared to the way you have of structuring an equities trade.

I’d like to know how to use the underlying as a trigger, or even how to use other values (like the VIX, for example) as triggers for option trades. This is probably platform dependent though.

TTT - Options Specialist

Hi Catherine thanks for the comment. We will be using the underlying as the primary driver to our trades and in many cases we will include long stock in our trades. Alternatively, one could always just buy the long stock based on our directional bias as well. Also, I have made the process very easy to follow and simplified everything that is platform independent.

What are your thoughts & recommendations for trading options intra-day?

TTT - Options Specialist

Hi Tony we will have some intra-day options trade alerts.

I Hear that most options expire worthless, what are a couple of things that we can do to avoid this from happening and how do you select an equity with a high chance of making a successful trade.


TTT - Options Specialist

Hi Tom, We will be trading on both sides of the fence, selling options and buying options while gaining a “statistical” market edge using a variety of things in our strategies.

i have been very interested in options but never understood how to go about it and how to place a trade

and how do you work out how much profit you can make by making the trade .

cheers to you all

TTT - Options Specialist

Hi Costa you have found the right place for option newbies. We will have an education arm that will walk you through how to break into options trading. As you learn we will have educational tracks that will go from beginner to intermediate, and then advanced and eventually have a mentorship to “personally” set you up for success.

1 How to select a
The best call option to sell against a position. Such as for a poor man’s covered call.

2. What time frames will you use for sending signals?

TTT - Options Specialist

Hi Jerry hearing the poor man’s covered call brings a smile to my face. That is one the strategies we will employ but with all the factors to give the best change of success in these types of trades and garner consistent returns.

I just make directional trades, not interested in spreads etc.

How long will these options take to play out?

what will expected gains % ? 0-50% or higher?

what has the back testing shown for winners vs losing trades using your signals?

TTT - Options Specialist

We will make directional trades using spreads and regular options. we will do some intra-day, some swing and eventually a few duration trades. We have expected target gains based on the strategy and other market factors.

1 How to follow Institucional trading? I use some screnner to identify their trades, but then, I’m not sure if a call is a buy or a sell. Idem for puts
2. What is the average expiration time for your option trades? How many trades can stay opened at the same time?

TTT - Options Specialist

Hi Juan we will have education that can help with finding the right stock options strategies and entries and exits. We will try to keep at least 5 open trades each week possibly more.

I know all there is to know about options. My questions:
1. what is your goal? an example might be: Monthly short options income or Positions substitute for more leverage?

2. how much will it cost? ie the demand here could be very Elastic…
THX linda

TTT - Options Specialist

Hi Linda we will have several different strategies and the goals are to give a variety for all.

Thanks. Options are not for me . I am a long term investor.
I do some warrants though.

TTT - Options Specialist

Hi Horia we will have some duration options positions that you might find interesting that are far less risky than traditional buying and holding of stock positions.

What length time periods will you be using.

Will you use long term options to replace buying stock?

Are you going to tell us the strike price and month etc. or just say buy XYZ call or put options,? How detailed will the
recommendation be?

Will individual stocks be covered or just the indexes?

TTT - Options Specialist

Hi Dick we will be using all different time frames. We will send the alert in a very easy to follow script with timeframe, strike price, price target and entry price. We will also cover more than just indexes and ETFs.

My top question about option trading would be, what is the optimal option strategy (covered calls, vertical credit/ debit spreads, butterflies etc.) to initiate on an underlying? It would be beneficial to explain the strategy with a risk/ reward graph and when to exit the trade if the trade goes against you.

TTT - Options Specialist

Hi Wendall we will cover all these in the trade alerts and if you are new or advanced options trader we will have education available to help you along the way.

1. How to become consistent day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year trading options?

2. What is your success rate in your options alerts?

Thank you.


TTT - Options Specialist

Hi Michelle we will have courses available to help you achieve the success level you desire. We will also track and show success rates to all trades.

I would like to know when the option price offered has too high a premium and when it is a fair price. How is it possible to put stops on these trades or make conditional sells based on the underlying stock price movement?

Q1: Emphasize that the option contract MUST be closed before the expiry date or you run the risk of being forced to buy the shares
Q2: What option time frame do you anticipate – weekly, monthly or longer – is this day trading , swing trading?

Philip Howard Mills

I suppose my primary question is: Are you going to feature options trades on ETFs?

Second, and conservatively, are you going to limit your option trades recommendations to when you see a reasonable long term buy or sell signal in a sector; the underlying ETF?

Okay, what I am seeing: Our recent breakout from the consolidation in gold and silver.
Would you make a recommendation, say on SILJ ?
Would you recommend an option trade of a SILJ option of longer term, say deep ITM. or a shorter weekly option that is just OTM?
I already know my answer, but I want to see what yours is: your orientation to helping me as a swing trader investor and options trader.

I dont give a flip about all the complicated stuff, strangles, and spreads and all that stuff…

One last thing, I am fairly close to actually signing up for your primary service. Get your forecast emails regularly.
Thanks, it’s been good, take a break now and then, but if you add this on, its going to be….more complex

TTT - Options Specialist

Hi Philip we will have all type of trades on all different timeframes. We will use ETFs and non-ETFs. We will also trade the metals as I am partial to especially silver.

Thanks to your passion and tutelage on cycle analysis I spotted Netflix entering a new bull cycle. However I would have liked to know the best point at which to buy a call with my $2k. What I did was buy a call option just outside the money with about a 50 delta and about 27 days remaining on option. I did make about 50% return in 24 hrs but perhaps I could have done better! What would you have recommended in a similar example and why? I didn’t feel 100% as to what option was the safest and best to buy for profit maximization.

The Options course needs to answer, the HIGH PROBABILITY OF THE SUCCESSFUL TRADE – IF PLACED.

The Option Trading Signals, must somehow alert me and members well in advance (allowing the most amount of time) before placing the trade. Because trading can be fast in Options, some how I need to know you are looking to put on a Options Trade in advance, at least an hour or two.

TTT - Options Specialist

Hi Robert we will have swing trades that will provide ample time to follow along. We employ a range of strategies that rely on many things with one of the being statistical probabilities to gain a market edge.

When we buy an option and hold it, the price reduces when days are passed, eventhough the share price is stable. I think it is because the time value reduces. I want to know how the time value is calculated?

TTT - Options Specialist

Vimal this is called Theta decay and we have courses that will go over this in depth of how it calculated and how to make it work for you. We will also cover a wide variety of other factors that affect options pricing.

I’ve spent money on courses in the past for Options Trading just haven’t pulled the trigger yet… I seem to get stuck on the actual mechanics of executing trades, entries, and exits on trading platforms. I find most courses spend time on strategies and T.A. but do not walk a new student through navigating platforms from a hands on perspective. How to put the trade on, how to get out of a trade etc…

TTT - Options Specialist

Hi Jim I have had the same problem in my past. So I can relate. We will have 1:1 coaching and group mentorships that will be more hands on for those who want a personalized touch to how they get into trading options. IO have traded on a wide variety of platforms and as a techie I can quickly pick up any platform and help with getting anyone started in trading.

Selecting most efficient month and strike price.

Would love short term options. 3-5 days in and out. Using your indicator that shows how many are buying and how many are selling. ie. 3 times as many people selling, wait one day and buy a call for several days…

TTT - Options Specialist

Hi David we will be doing many swing trades with 3-5 days holding time and 30% price targets.

Options Trading is a very risky enterprise and only for those who can endure more risk in an already very risky market

I am not even yet a trader (to my regret) and I do not exactly know how and where to start, but of course not in options.
If you can send me your recommendation on the path to tread i shall be very grateful.

TTT - Options Specialist

Hi Gerald we will offer a variety of courses and some will be reading charts that could be used in stock, options, currency and futures trading.

Will I be able to trade your option recommendations with a small account?

What will the option service cost and will it be reasonable for a small account.



TTT - Options Specialist

Hi Ken we will have trades for small accounts and in fact that is the beauty of options is because of the leverage one can trade with a small account.

TTT - Options Specialist

Hi Ken we will offer traders for all account sizes large and small. Thanks!

Options to hedge portfolio for potential downside
Options for trading around earnings

TTT - Options Specialist

One of our goals is to offer trade ideas for those work during the day.

TTT - Options Specialist

We will have specific earnings trades and offer hedging strategy.

Options are extremely time sensitive. An alert system that can reflect this if possible.

Whenever I look at a sector or individual stock to purchase puts or calls or do a spread with I need help with the time premium I am paying as I could / have lost the majority of the profit due to short term premium erosion.

Thank you !

TTT - Options Specialist

We will have alerts go out but some of our trades will not be that time sensitive maybe daily. We will also do options buying and options selling.

I have never delved into options but have always wanted to learn and begin somewhere. Will your service be usable for someone brand new? Starting from nothing but motivated to learn?

What would be the time frame to take action on option alerts?

Sorry , IS a good idea!

I hear often that SELLING options is the way to go, that buying and paying premiums is not the optimal way for the “little guy” would you agree?
How is implied volatility actually calculated ?

I believe offering this product isn a good idea i notice more services offering this.

One more question – normally selling covered calls or naked puts is more risk-free. Will these type of option trades be considered?

TTT - Options Specialist

Hi William we will have both of these but more so defined risk and covered calls.

Hi Chris
One thing important is how to find out /locate the right stock for option.and which strategy to apply.

Re. Signals
No comments pl.

I have been trading options for almost 4 years and have been moderately successful when I don’t trade a strike price far out of the money
and with an expiration date no more than 2 months out, irregardless of call or put. Will you be using options (call or put) primarily with a strike
price near/in the money? Also, what about expiration timing – further out for puts closer for calls or what?

TTT - Options Specialist

We will be doing all types ATM, ITM, and OTM in all different timeframes based on a number of factors in the current markets that will change with the sentiment of the market.

I don’t know much about Options so would need to know more to get me interested. Not selling, more learning about the pros and cons objectively.

TTT - Options Specialist

Hi Richard we will have courses specifically designed to cover this for beginners.

I need help with the basics of placing the the option trade and stops on the trading platform. I am using Interactive Brokers and find their platform very difficult to use. Can you suggest a platform that is easier/more intuitive
I am UK resident and very much look forward to your webinars.

TTT - Options Specialist

Hi Barry we are focusing to be platform independent but we will offer 1:1 coaching and eventually a mentorship that can personally address any questions you have on any platform to make things easy for you.

1) if you are trading intraday options only would there not be a large amount of stop oats and therefore huge drawdowns on the account? Would not long-term options be more profitable?

2) If you are giving signals for intraday options would there not be a problem with getting the alerts out and people receiving them in time to enter at the required time and price otherwise the option play can be invalidated very quickly?

I am not interested in options…only swing and investment trading…that’s why I originally subscribed to TTT.
I will be watching to see if my kind of trading becomes diluted by new emphasis on options.
If so, a TTT subscription may become of less value…for me and for others, if I am reading previous comments correctly.
Chris, please keep that in mind as you go forward…expansion into new business areas that depreciates ones’ business base is not wise.

I am currently not interested in options. Thanks

Hi Chris and Team,

Considering the heightened volatility in markets recently, and the resulting higher time price in options premiums, how do we find value in the options chain? In the money, close, or further out? We know that out of the money options usually expire worthless, but can we still make money trading them? They’re cheaper, so maybe better suited for very small accounts?

Also, I don’t have the time to research individual companies. I’m only interested in index and sector ETF’s. Does this approach work with what you plan to be teaching?

Thanks. Appreciate the value in your free analysis, Chris!


Chris B.

Do include trade set-ups for small account traders. Alerts via texts/emails preferred. Reasonable subscription fee for affordability.

I am trying to trade options right now based on your signals, but not too much success. I like the leverage of the options much better than risking money on the actual asset being optioned. Especially if trading in or just out of money options, the return vs risk is much better.

Would like to be signaled on where to enter a trade, how much time to buy, and how much implied volatility to consider, especially in this market since IV is very high on most options, the timing is then critical.

It seems that individual stocks/commodities would have to be included to make sure there is enough of a swing in the trades so they can run far enough to make significant money.

I’m trading with a small sized account so selling option ls probably won’t work. I need long type statagies. I have read McMillan book, but its too much info & he’s not very specific about how to apply the various approaches in his book. So having you guys signal when & where to trade would be very helpful


*Will you focus on swinging long term? Do you target etf or stocks?

Mostly stocks but will do some ETFs when they show up in our system with oversized opportunity.

TTT - Options Specialist

Hi Dacian we will focus on Swing trade and some duration trades. We will target both stocks and ETFs.

No questions. I only trade options and I think it’s pretty straightforward to translate stock and ETF re commendations into good spread trades.

We agree!!

Is there a method or formula for calculating the true market value of the “Time Premium” for deep in the money call options? For example: What is the formula for calculating the time value of, a call option with 90 days of time left that is already deep in the money? Presumably the market makers initially provide the bid and ask prices, but in a fast market who sets the time premium?

Great question Peter – thanks!

Would like to see directional option trades as well as selling options to generate income.

Would like to see various ETF option trading including SPY, IWM, GLD, GDX, etc.

I have spent much time and money trying to understand options and I still don’t quite have the feel and conviction of trading them compared to stocks and etfs. I would maybe interested if each option trade suggestion has a detailed explanation attached to it, describing the trade and how it works so I would understand (if that’s possible) what the trade is and what I am doing. Trading stocks, etc has been very successful for me in the last two years and I don’t need to invest any more time or money in other trading strategies unless I can see some real, tangible benefit.

1. I think limiting trade sizes, execising caution with trade sizes.

2. Selling options.

Already done Options course therefore no need for me.
What I do need are Options alerts available on daily / swing basis – when to buy / sell
I do technical analysis on my TradingView program

When you identify the right set up, how do you determine the best entry and exit strategy?

Regarding signals, timing is critical! When you issue a signal, all your subscribers rush into the trade, driving up the ask price of the subscribed option! Those first in, reap the benefit, as the late comers drive up the ask price ! As the ask price quickly accelerates, those first in, sell for a quick profit and will then buy back in after the ask price comes back down! This does not seem fair to me! How would you suggest that your subscribers approach this situation?

interest in options trading signals and the cost of such a service

Options are over my head. Still trying to figure out Gold and Silver.

TTT - Options Specialist

Hi Michael in addition to the Options newsletter we are launching options training that will help anyone learn and gain entry into options trading. Thanks.

Top question- will you primarily be advising buying or selling premium? I’ve been doing both for years and was actually thinking of using your technical analysis in ETF Swing Trades and converting the directional bias to an options strategy of my choosing , so very interested in your option strategies- so biggest thought is, will you be ” buying with a directional bias” ie.. long calls/puts, vertical and butterflys” or “selling premium and trapping price” in non directional markets with condors, short strangles etc and using theta. Will you use naked options or always have wing?

Alerts by text and email is best with day job.

TTT - Options Specialist

Hi Duane great questions we will be buying and selling options and options spreads in a variety of different strategies.

I’m very conservative and only invest in what I have the highest confidence in, plus I shun any leverage and especially any time dependent leverage which tends to rule out options. For the past several years, all my closed trades have been profitable and all my open trades are substantially in the black. However, anyone who has had a good track record with some triple digit gains (e.g., subscribers to Chris V) have probably out performed me. My only advantage is that I’m almost always around 99% invested – with the exception of a few days when I’m shifting investments – so my entire wealth increases, albeit modestly, continuously. If the market presents an unexpected gift (e.g., the March selloff in metals), one can go into debt using margin to capitalize on such. But I try to avoid staying over 100% invested more than short term. So if I see the need for hedging, I avoid the base investment. So I’m only interested in combination option trades that give very high probability of some gain whether the market goes up or down. Other than that I have no interest.

1) Will you be including the writing of puts and calls for income?

2) Will you explain the degradation of time premium (as a percentage of the underlying option and considering various movement of the security)?

TTT - Options Specialist

Hi Jim we will be selling options in a variety of strategies. We will base these on Theta decay and will offer courses on this. Thanks.

Earnings play set up using credit spreads
Timing the underlying moves with entry positions and capturing premium whilst waiting for the play to work out.
Exiting positions on expected profits.

Please keep the price low so we can try your strategy. If it works, I will pay much more but I’m not paying a lot on trust.

Hope you will deal in the selling of premium as it is the most profitable and versatile of strategies. And I agree with a prior comment
that Tasty Trade is the very best platform for options trading.

Options by their definition are high risk, hugh leverage.

Derivatives market has become larger than the underlying real assets.

The risk in that fact alone is scary.

So, I perceive that when the balloon pops the derivatives market will collapse under its own weight.

This is likely to result in much loss and the inability for options to provide risk protection.

Therefore, no interest. Thanks

TTT - Options Specialist

Hi Robert we employ some strategies on highly traded underlyings with far more volume than their derivatives market. We will also make use of defined risk strategies that will protect the trader from black swan events.

1. I would like to learn how to sell options. Time decay is tough. Leaps or short-term options?

2. Will you offer options on future contracts of gold, silver and other commodities? Please send text alerts!!!

TTT - Options Specialist

We will be utilizing strategies of selling options and will be trading all different underlying including the precious metals. Text alerts will also be used.

What is your strategy and how will I be protected if the stock drops 30% and premium received is a lot less. Over the years I have developed my own strategy that works but I’m looking to learn a better way. Hope you will let me try your way for a short time before payment. Thanks

TTT - Options Specialist

Hi Sam we will utilize many different strategies depending on market conditions. We will utilize in some cases defined risk strategies that would protect major moves by the underlying.

I have been trading options for 10 years and been mostly selling option for premium. I found selling options puts your odds of winning are much greater than buying options. I have made some money buying options win rate is much less. Look forward to the courses and newsletter since I have been trading options hopefully you will get into some more advanced strategies such as calenders,vertical spreads,poor mans covered calls.

I resent the outrageous commissions charged in Canada-$10 US /contract whereasa our american friends pay roughly a tenth of that. Until that disparity narrows, I’m not going to play.

Commission is dependant on your broker. I am Canadian with IB broker and it’s $1.10 a contract, super cheap, you must be with a bank or retail broker, look into it!

What is the average duration of each trade? Will trades include selling options as well?

Will trade signals include levels where trade can be initiated or will all signals be execute at at market?

1. I would like to learn how to evaluate an option in terms of price versus time left on the option?

2. no second question

TTT - Options Specialist

Hi Bruce we will set price targets that will take prices changes into consideration to determine profitability. Thanks.

1. How do you use the Greeks?
2. Can I get more advanced strategies instead of just puts and calls?

I want to trade options closing every Friday . eg Tesla etc. So what do I do at close of market on Friday

as I do not want to exercise it , but only to retain any profit / loss

TTT - Options Specialist

Hi David we have strategies that will utilize cash settled options with same day expiry.

I think it is wonderful that you have finally branched out and to option trading. I believe Tasty Works is the only platform to use and hope you will market them. Thank you. I am new to option trading so wherever you start will be fine with me.

1. will you be including seasonal plays on solid companies and some or all markets

2. show risk vs reward

TTT - Options Specialist

Hi Kay we utilize trades that maximize risk reward ratios to get into the most profitable positions.

1) like the option trading, especially in the uncertain market;
2) hope your option signal will be accurate.

A supporting option strategy for technical trader etf trading advices and even technical investor trading advices makes sense to me. In a way that you can leverage the trade that you are already willing to make. An advice which option series the choose and an exit strategy would be very useful if you want to take that extra risk.

However, standalone option strategies on individual stocks or option trading just for the sake of option trading makes no sense to me.

1. How to find a good stock to trade and quickly find the best option to buy.
2. Alerts with text

Also I am also tired of services that keep adding new services to sell you. Once you are in the first service especially with a lifetime subscription any new services should be free to you.

Thank you Peter,
Yes, we will cover how to find the best options to trade for stocks and ETFs each week within our course and alert service.
We do not offer lifetime subscriptions, but I know what you mean about others who do what you are talking about.

I have heard that 95% of all options trades result in losses. Is this true.?
If it is other than another form of gambling why would I buy options?

TTT - Options Specialist

Hi Bill We employ strategies that do not let the options expire before exit. Options can be less risky than buying stock outright because we can set up our positions risk defined.

I know nothing about the concept of options trading.
I would love to learn more about it

TTT - Options Specialist

Hi Herman we will have courses that will help beginners get into options trading.

Roberto Cavallari

Unfortunatly here in Italy you can’t trade ETF listed in US and in same case options too…regarding stocks you can…but not in all etf listed.

TTT - Options Specialist

Hi Roberto trading binary options with binary options brokers in Italy carrying a CONSOB license is considered legal in Italy. We would love to have Italians check out our service.

My concern is if your focus changes and is diluted from your core which I think is already great. I have seen many get caught up in trying to get subscriptions to new newsletters and promising positions that they then deprive their original subscribers to because they want them to buy the new sub also. When I sign up with someone I want their analysis and recommendations not more sub offers because the next idea is better

Sorry, in Netherlands and Germany options trading is only allowed by investment professionals…. Not me!

TTT - Options Specialist

Hi I have dual citizenship in US and The Netherlands (My father is native of Zeist) and the trading of binary options in Netherlands can best be described as restricted, but not outlawed. This is because there is no law banning Dutch citizens from trading binary options. Hup Holland Hup!

Thomas N Campbell

How to know if an option is priced fairly

Thank you for taking the time and effort to prepare the options course.
1. I would like to know if & why stop loss and trailing stops are recommended for option combinations like bullish vertical credit spreads and how best to do them.
2. It would be good if you were to send us signals to also include the reasoning behind the decision to make the particular option trade, which strike price, whether it is affected by the Greek statistics and when to enter the trade.
Thank you.

Great feedback Poh!

I am trading options now. But am having trouble finding which stock or ETF options to buy. Need to learn the scanner and filters. I am using E Trade and T D Ameritrade small accounts. With the market of late I make money on one and loose it back on another.

I would be interested only in the 3-day to 2-week holding period of swing trades for an options strategy; will stick to my futures trading for intraday trades. Alerts would of course need to be by text message. I presume these would be straight call/put purchases, rather than debit/credit spreads, but any options strategy would be fine with me.

TRUE or FALSE? 90% of options expire worthless? True is what I’ve always thought, please enlighten me. I would like to see a concentrated focus on commodities, with related ETFs. Bill Mohl

I would like to manage simultaneous puts and call but do not believe I can do so at the same spread as a professional trader.

TTT - Options Specialist

Hi Robert we look for strategies that give retail traders an edge over institutionals utilizing agility and much lower volume.

In my experience using options programs, they take a lot of smaller wins (rare that they wait until expiration to take full profit) which is great until they all get wiped out (or worse) by just 1 or 2 full losses which are inevitable.

This is why you should take our course, where we teach about mitigating risk in options trading. We will also be providing position sizing with our alerts like our other services so that we do not blow up our trading account.

Good morning … how will the information be released ? What can sometimes happen ( and often does) that you make a call and your subscribers go to purchase and we are the ones driving up the price … especially with illiquid options .., thank you

Hi Jim – thanks for pointing this out. We have taken this into consideration and will be focused on contracts that have a high degree of liquidity so that our tribe does not push prices up, shooting ourselves in the foot!

1.Option strategies for a)speculation (high gain occasionally), b)income generation and c) hedging my existing portfolio as insurance.

2.Will the options strategy be based around hedging the existing ETF trades or a completely strategy?

Thank you, we will cover that. And no, the options trades are based on our proven options strategies which are mainly on stocks, but there will be some ETF options as we.

I believe selling put options is the best use of options. Any comments?

Yes, it is a great strategy, but only one small piece/way to make money, lots more great strategies to pull more money out of options with selling premium!

Chris, I’m 84, and not so sure I can or need to engage in option trading, but if I were younger, I think it would be of enormous importance. Good of you to help so many investors make better trades!

Thank you John for your kind words. Stay safe and happy trading!

Look forward to options newsletter. I currently only trade long term Silver options (LEAPS). I have been fortunate in following your current trading advice and applied it on my own to silver options and have done well in doing so.

I love option trading. What is the best strategy you have found?
Trading signals…What is the top 2 or 3 things you look for?

I know nothing about options trading but am interested in learning..

1. Deciding the best priced option for the different time frames. Scaling in and getting out signals.

2. Getting notifications in real time via text etc.

Due to the ban in Belgium on trading in ETFs, I recently canceled my subscription.
I followed the signals by purchasing with options.
So I am very interested in the new service
There are plenty of brokers that allow option trading from Europe even with small accounts. I trade with International Brokers

Okoro Williams Nnamdi

(1)Good afternoon here from Nigeria, actually this is my second time of hearing about options trading and its been traded mostly by the big institutions and, I will be very happy to lean and understand how it works. (2) My top question about receiving options signal is weather it will send directly to my email or true my phone,telegram .

We will get those answered for you Okoro!

TDW option commissions are high, so I can only justify simple calls/puts, not even spreads.
I currently stick to USA only options as the volume is there.
Your proposed service has to be simple to work.
I would expect 1 -2 trades per week so as not to over whelm us non day traders.
I would expect at least 66% correct trades, otherwise I can do this myself.
Ross who lives in Canada.

Thanks for clearly laying out expectations, eh!

Also in UK but, I’ve always traded your signals with options. There are lots of platforms to use. Anyway,

1. What type of strategies? I currently trade them as calls 1 x OTM, 1/2 months out but maybe put spreads might be a good consistent money maker.

2. Don’t need a course – so how much just for alerts with your reasoning.

I think you should have at least 2 identifiers. One for short term/aggressive/active trader and one for medium term/passive trader.

I think training should include how to identify/filter trades.

Training and alert should be 2 separate options for subscribers.

Great feedback Manish – thanks

1. Is there an optimal period for options on PM stocks?

2. Will new newsletter be on all stocks?

The key elements in options are that they are as safe as possible, which will typically require highly liquid options with an expiration date at least 6 and more likely 9 months away and that the options are close to or are in the money. These are the type of options I would like to see identified by your service. In volatile markets as we have now, it is important to get the signals in a very timely fashion sent to both email and texted to us.

Love your work Chris. If you would have an option your team feels best to use following your Tec Training system it would enhance the entire trade. I have always wanted to trade an option in the recommendation you make which would I would take earlier than the normal position you would make after some of your Tec limits are hit for a larger position. An option would be cost effective and be less costly and more profitable. Would have been before my large cash position yet less vulnerable, saving trading cash. A great idea!!! My trading account needs the extra help. Make it fit your system you have now. It would be a smaller trade before your bigger signal!

Which option is best, is always the traders question. JS

Thanks for the feedback John!

Thank you John for the feedback and kind words. Trading options really does open the doors for traders to trade more, get a higher probability of winners, limit risk/losses, and allow small trading account sizes of only a couple thousand dollars to make some real money.

Will you be teaching how to manage a losing trade back to breakeven or profitability?
Will you be trading options on futures, ie. gold, oil, silver?

Glad that options service will be offered.

1. Will options be fir ETFs and/or also fir individual stocks? Puts, calls or also straddles? Leaps or short-term options?

2. Will you offer options on future contracts of gold, silver and other commodities?

We will make sure we address these questions in follow-up communications Jaime – thanks

I havent found an options broker for Europe residents :(. I get offered CFD’s (illegal in USA) for leverage, but they don’t behave the same as buying options has a limited known risk, cfd’s dont.

I am also not a fan of options trading.

I am not interested I can’t give the attention needed during the day.
I am interested in buy/sell signals and possibly inverse etf’s when this ponzi scam market implodes.
Gold and Silver and miners are of huge interest to me and my family.
Protect our 401k’s Please !

God bless

Is there a safe way to hedge a portfolio with put options without risking anything but the option fee?

1. How can I hedge my portfolio with puts?

Selecting most efficient month and strike price

How can you trade prec metals with options high probability?
Future, index or ETF options?
Timing and management?
Greeks, statistics, margin req., buying pow. etc.

Will you provide signals for both buying and selling options?
How will you assure that buy/sell signals reach me in mininimal time?

Hi Bob –

We will be providing signals for buying and selling… and will be letting you more about our strategies over the coming weeks!

1. How to pick the best option month and strike price
2. How often will you trade and which markets?

Like Charlie, I live in the UK.

I used to have an account with optionsxpress but since they closed I cannot find a trader that uses small starting amounts.
The traders in the UK are hopeless and have very few assets to trade on.

Are there any US traders that would accept UK customers without having to pay $25K in to start?

Would your trading ideas be straight Put and Call trades, or will their be other things like straddles, strangles, spreads etc?

Thanks for the opportunity. I would like to join and receive investment recommendations but in general you offer only two options, retired people (which is what I am), and people who want to earn money investing. I fall somewhere in between those, and although retired, I am willing to risk money investing. Actually I have money in Gold, Silver and BTC that I would be willing to invest and also hold. Where should I point for, or do you have more dedicated and personal support?

PD: I know things are going to get hectic if not downright bad, and don’t want to lose all my money in my old age!

1. How to minimise the risk eg fluctuation. After applying your approach (eg straddle), what’s the residual risk (eg time decay), potential reward, and resulting risk:reward ratio?

2. How often are you providing these?

Let’s say you set up an Iron Condor or a short strangle. Is there a specific strategy for further trades when the strike price of the short option is being tested? And can this be programmed in advance, e.g. short put strike is reached and opening a short call at the strike is warranted?
To what degree can trades be automated for corrective actions in addition to initial placement of the strategy?

I would like to see a method of adjusting options over time to make an initial trade that goes bad into a trade that is ultimately profitable. If you give a signal on an option stay with that trade and adjust until it becomes profitable.

For those that said you can’t trade in the U.K. that’s not true. Saxo Markets U.K. will let you trade in options. The question I have is what time frame would you be looking for? And will buy and sell signals be communicated. If it’s long term buy and sell them email is fine if it is short term then something else would be required.

I’ve never traded options. I know the terminology, puts, and calls, but have not done it before. Also, I have just opened an
E-trade account as Citi Bank will close its trading platform(wasn’t profitable). So, I do need more education on options and we need more trades going forward. Now that we have a new US president, I hope there will be better policy directions for the country and world.

Hello Diane – thanks for the comments. We are confident the options course will help you, and we are looking forward to great option trade setups!

1. What is the optimum length of time that an options trader should plan on holding the option, ie, how many weeks/months of premium should I plan on paying at time zero?

2. Will the options signals be sent via text and email?

Thanks for the great questions!

Hello! Great forecasts and awesome service for the novices!

My question I would like to know when trading options is the confidence level in each setup that is recommended.

My preferred signal alert would be real-time through the app or by text. Thanks!

Hi, for intraday options = will you give time frames to enter long calls or long puts? How long expiration for day trading, and how many dasy/weeks for swings? What strike and delta? entry, stop loss and target/s? At what time the Intraday trading plan is sent?
Is the stocks and options newsletter put together for three months, or annual? Does the set up for intraday options entry will be after retracing to avoid entering too soon and be stopped out?

Based in Australia timing is an issue. So when would these alerts come out? US time. I know how to trade options so would not probably take the course,
But very interesting. Thanks Chris. God bless America. Whatever happens in next 5 weeks Australians still respect the USA citizens as a free democracy.

Not know how to trade options

I prefer options from one to six months and would like text

How can people who are starting out with small accounts eg £1000 trade options what brokers are ther about that small trader can go to to trade options

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