Trading Strategy Mastery


A personal message from Chris Vermeulen,
Founder of Technical Traders Ltd.
and full-time trader.

I have been trading since 1996 and struggled for a decade to be consistently profitable through all the various types of market conditions. In the early 2000’s I met Brian McAboy who is a trader, trading coach, and business consultant and retired mechanical engineer. He and I have been great friends and trading buddies ever since.

Brian offers two trading courses, both which I took and they dramatically improved my trading and became the bases of my trading foundation to treat my trading as a business, and its allowed me to create my automated trading systems which I use every day now. But before we get into the details, be sure to opt-in to our free market forecasts newsletter.

We are now offering both of these courses to you, my loyal followers and subscribers at a sharply discounted rate with the hope that we can change your trading for the better as well with less stress and more profits.

The first and most important course every trader should take is This gets you both mentally and business prepped for the start of a new and very exciting future in trading.

The second course is which allows you to convert any trading strategy you use or know, or learn from our other trading courses into a simple step by step to follow trade guide so you can consistently make the same trades with consistent results. Once you have the defined trading rules you can even hire the team here at Technical Traders Ltd. to program and automate your strategy for you!

These two courses aren’t new, fancy and sexy looking. Rather we tell you the truth, show you how to do it, and why. The rules for building a successful trading business have not changed over the years and these courses, if followed properly, will save and make you a ton of money for the rest of your life.

…No B.S., No Kidding or Exaggeration.


Have you have had enough disappointment with your trading results?

If so, then take just a minute right now, to see how truly simple it can be to turn your trading around in a sensible, straightforward, easy and relaxed manner, and faster than you ever thought possible WITHOUT the hassle of changing your trading strategies, broker, platforms or markets.

If you WANT to transform your trading results and lifestyle into that of a highly successful and positive individual than look no further. What you will learn in roughly three hours will change the way you trade forever.

Imagine trading WITHOUT stress, frustration, second-guessing your positions, missing the best trades and riding down losing trades etc…

What you just read above is no exaggeration.

In just a few hours time, you really CAN turn your trading around WITHOUT having to make major changes.

At the same time, this will help make any changes you DO want to make with your strategies even more effective.

And yes, we are serious about improving your bottom line by $1,000 every month – minimum.

Brian McAboy and I put this course together to help those who have some trading strategies they trade loosely, into a proven trading plan strategy with a step-by-step guild for executing your trades. Reduce your stress while improving your tradings at the same time!


Hello, all though I have been trading for almost 30 years. Everything you say in your first 3 hr training video is true and my confidence has gone up 1000% in the last couple of weeks Heck I could Quit my job tomorrow (not my plan) and be ok. Again I am being long winded, But no matter what you think I am thanking God For You.

Chuck Ross, Colorado, USA
June 17th, 2019



You really cannot afford to trade without this one skill-set if you truly seek success in your trading.

As an independent, self-directed trader, you have several roles to fill and therefore several skill-sets.

You are first and foremost the owner of your trading business and it is YOUR hard-earned money that’s being invested in it.

Doesn’t it only make sense then that from a business investment perspective, you simply must be able to KNOW with a reasonable confidence that what you are intending to do has a reasonable chance of succeeding?

What you are about to discover is the “How-To” do exactly that –

…the step-by-step what-to-do so that you KNOW that the odds truly are in your favor going in.

Not hoping, KNOWING.

It only follows then that your next and really most important role is that of dealing with trading strategies.

Your trading strategy is the heart of your trading business, right?

Well, before you’d go and risk money in the markets with any given strategy or system, you must have the skill-set to MAKE SURE that it can be realistically and satisfactorily expected to meet your financial goals.

And of course, the key is knowing how to make this happen in a very calculated and business-like manner.

Being an independent trader means that you simply must have a sufficient level of mastery over your trading system.

Developing your Trading Strategy Mastered is just good investing and good business.



Trading is a SKILL-BASED occupation and mastery over your trading strategy is the one skill-set that you truly MUST HAVE to have control over your fate.

Mastery means having the Critical Skills discussed above, specifically knowing how to:

Trading Method Systemization

You’ll have the proper perspectives, process, and techniques to take your trading method and systemize it THE RIGHT WAY so that it is very ‘trade-able’, complete and most importantly REPEATABLE for easy and consistent execution. This one is HUGE because a primary problem so many traders have is that their system is missing certain elements and/or qualities that just plain make it difficult to execute consistently and to trade it well.

Trading Strategy Confirmation

You’ll know exactly how to properly confirm the performance of your trading strategy so that you have the confidence you need to stick to it.

When it comes to ‘discipline’ problems like ‘hesitation’, nothing will help you more than unshakable the confidence that comes from PROPER confirmation. When you replace your fears with that kind of confidence, sticking to your strategy becomes the natural response and EASY.

Trading Strategy Improvements

Whether it’s simply to make improvements or because circumstances force you to, you’ll know how to adapt quickly and confidently, always moving only forward. Nothing is worse than having things change, your strategy no longer working, and then not knowing what to do. In ’08 and ’09, many traders blew out their accounts and were done with trading because they were lost. Never again be nervous when the markets get turned upside down. Instead be in the minority that is thriving!



You are about to acquire the one skill set that gives you TRUE Freedom through trading – Trading Strategy Mastery, where you know how to take ANY method, and build a solid, working strategy around it, plus the ability to adapt quickly and confidently whenever the markets go through changes (as they periodically do).

Here’s what you get with the “Trading Strategy Mastery” Home-Study Videos:

  • Online Videos that contain ALL the same lessons, learnings and training that our coaching clients receive
  • Downloadable Audios of each of the lessons – so that you can review them anywhere and anytime you like to reinforce the learnings
  • Downloadable mp4 versions of the videos, so that you can watch them on your iPad, phone or other mobile players
  • Additional Videos, Templates, and Reports to make you a complete Trading Strategy Master
  • The “Profit-Potential Calculator” so that you KNOW the true monthly Profit-Potential of every system you choose to consider!
  • The Process, Know-How, Skills, Tools and the EXPERIENCE of Trading Strategy Mastery.
  • You become a completely different trader, FREE from fear, hesitation, and anxiety.