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Individuals & Advisors:
Simplify Your portfolio positions
to generate alpha


Most Simple To Follow
Index & Bond ETF Trading Strategy

– It crushes the S&P 500 returns in both bull and bear markets.
– Max 2 Positions, Risk & Position Sizing, Advance Early Alert Notice
– Average holding period of 30 days. Average trade gain 4.2%
– Individuals & Advisors: Simplify Your Life, Portfolio, and Grow Your Business/Assets

TWA Strategy is a complete algorithmic trading model based on technical analysis, inter-market analysis, sentiment, and position/risk management. Generate Alpha from holding the S&P 500, bonds, cash, or any combination thereof depending on the market cycle.

Trade 1x, 2x, or 3x leveraged ETFs and choose the level that best fits your risk tolerance.

Sneak peek of our special market gauge

Our exclusive market sentiment gauge moves in real-time with the market and is powered by our V10 index trading system. It shows you the current market trend and where the price is within the stock market cycle.

We educate people to use efficient trading strategies to grow their wealth, achieve financial goals, and have more free time.

Technical Index & Bond Trader Newsletter does all the hard work for you. Anytime the market trend changes, and there is a new trade, stop, or profit target, you will receive a notification. New trades are sent out after the market close and entered at the open the following trading day.

Trades last an average of 30 days. We trade the SP500, Nasdaq ETFs (stocks), and the TLT (bonds) fund. If you are looking for something super simple, slow, and consistently profitable, start using our market timing strategy today!

See The Charts Through Our Eyes

The SPY (SP500) and QQQ (Nasdaq) ETFs mimic the US stock market and are known as Risk-On assets. They are the most stable, liquid, and predictable stock indexes to trade. The TLT bond ETFs is also one of the most liquid ETFs and follows a basket of bonds, known as a Risk-off asset.

Get the most profit out of the market for the least amount of trading. There is nothing more basic than owning stocks and bonds, and now that you will know when to own one or the other, and sometimes a combination, you can navigate the markets in a controlled manner. This type of trading has lower volatility and steady account growth, no matter the market condition.

For example, this year, our February SPY trade had a 2% loss, while our TLT bond trade rallied 20.01%, at which point we closed the trade and pocketed the gain. This happened during the March Virus market crash. Because we use position sizing and trailing protective stops, we will never be on the wrong side of the market for very long.

On September 4th, our model portfolio closed another trade, making another high watermark crushing the year’s S&P500 returns.

Bottom line, if you work full time, are looking for another stream of income, want to grow your trading account, you are a financial advisor, fund manager, or an active trader wanting a steady stream of low volatility ETF trades for the US stock market and Bonds then this is your answer.

You will be sent trade alerts after the close when a new signal has been triggered. New positions are entered at the open of the next trading session. During strong Risk-On trends, you will hold 100% in a stock index ETF. During strong Risk-Off market conditions, you will hold up to 100% TLT (bonds).

Simple Risk-On/Risk-Off
strategy that makes sense

In the chart below, you can see how our proprietary adaptive AI system sees the market with the color-coded bars. The system also tracks the most active price and time cycles within the market, identifying areas when partial profits should be taken to reduce downside risk. As you can see, it has been incredibly accurate for knowing when to own stocks and bonds.

By knowing when it’s safest to own stocks or bonds, you’ll become a more confident, profitable, and resource to your clients. I should make it clear that The Technical Index & Bond Trader Newsletter is available to individuals and licensed financial professionals. We want to help those who see the value we provide – succeed!

If you are a self directed trader and investor be sure to get our free weekly reports!


Let US tell you when to buy
and take profits!

Follow a model portfolio that works for individuals, advisors, RIAs, brokers, of every size.

• Simple stock & bond allocated portfolio everyone can understand.
• Let us do the research so you can focus on your family and grow your assets more.
• Have the winning edge with historical probabilities in your favor.
• Access institutional-quality portfolio management tactics that maximize returns lower drawdowns.
• Navigate volatility, bear markets, and say goodbye to the stock market emotional rollercoaster.

For decades, Technical Traders Ltd. founder Chris Vermeulen has been testing strategies for two of the most liquid assets, stock indexes, and Bonds. Chris started trading in 1997 and taught himself to trade through college. Chris’ first trading profits grew and eventually allowed him to be financially free by the age of 27.

Now a multimillionaire and a highly skilled trader in his own right, Chris and his team are helping provide thousands of individuals using the same strategy. Chris specializes in both swing trading and long-term investing, and trades only the most stable, predictable, and liquid ETFs available.

Our lead programmer and researcher Brad Matheny has been developing computer systems as far back as the 80’s on the first Apple computer. He has designed and built automated trading systems for high net worth individuals, professional traders, hedge funds, and private equity firms including our own acclaimed systems like this one, and our BAN strategy

The combined skills and experience provide users with our highly profitable Adaptive AI Trading System is second to none. Everything taught in Chris’ Technical Trading Mastery book is built into this trading system. Imagine being on the winning side of the market to grow your portfolio or your client’s accounts month after month. The stress reduction and peace of mind that you and your clients will experience is life-changing.

Recognized Leader in Technical Analysis Worldwide



I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your no-nonsense. I’ve read other advisors who hedge their bets with so many caveats that you could never actually put on a trade.

So far, you have been crystal clear with your analysis and, even better, it has been correct!


I really appreciate how hard you are working for the partners… and how we’ve been able to make money recently when I might have been panicking without you. I’m learning a lot from you. Thanks.

Video Editor

I am looking to expand my knowledge in trading, and I like your methods. I am new to the game and I’m finding your advice very helpful and very profitable! I almost can’t wait for the updates.

Book Store Manager

I also wanted to express my gratitude to you for doing such a fine job with stock selections and a great understanding of the markets. You deserve an A+.

Self-Directed Investor

Your daily trading videos have become an integral part of my morning routine.  Those few minutes provide a quick snapshot to formulate/execute potential trades.  The technical analysis has been integral to my continued success over the past several years and now allows me the luxury of time to do the things I truly enjoy.

Grocery Clerk

First of all thanks a lot, I’ve been a member for a while and you’re the only service I use now. I love your videos and your trading style, I’ve been so lucky to find you – I’ve tried a lot of services (and I mean a lot) and I can’t do without your forecasts. I watched your video on cycle analysis – what an incredible way help time market movements!

Insurance Broker

Excellent work! I’ve quite enjoyed reading your forecasts (keep ’em coming!), then watching the market and my stock picks with GROWING CONFIDENCE of when to get in and get outYour forecasts have totally obliterated that ugly fear factor that used to exist in my trading. Thanks. I just recommended it to my BANKER this morning! Lol

Self Employed

Hi, my name is Harvey and my wife and me have really enjoyed using your ETF and stock alert subscription. The alerts are easy to follow and we like your comments too (some are quite funny). I’m glad that you’ve always got your mind on the overall trends.

TECHNICAL Index & bond
trader Newsletter

The most simple and profitable strategy that trades the stock index and Bond ETFs. It’s ideal for beginners, advisors, and active investors.
– Fewer trades, bigger profits.

Get our hedge fund grade trading signals. This index and bond ETF strategy will hold up to 100% allocation in an asset at times, depending on the market trend and volatility level. During bear markets, the inverse ETFs will be traded to profit during extended downtrends.

Position Trading
SP500, Nasdaq, & Bonds
Targeting 20-60+% Annual Return
8-12 ETF Trades Per Year
Trend Length: 20-60 Days
Trade Targets 3-20% Profit
Max Open Positions: 2
Trade Position Sizing
Protective Stop Adjustments
Profit Trimming Alerts
100% Position Allocation
Access: Web, Email, App
Email & Phone Support


Portfolio, Strategy, Trades, & Peace of Mind 

  • Complete ETF Model Portfolio
  • Trade only 2 Asset ETFs
  • Long-only strategy
  • Stay on the right side of the market.
  • Stop second-guessing entries & exits.
  • Stay disciplined with logical strategy.
  • Ride big trend with confidence
  • Simple end of day trade alerts
  • Weekly market and strategy update
  • Avoid and profit during bear markets

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